The Perfect Gift for the 50th Birthday Celebration: Champagne!

If you are looking for the best possible gift to give someone celebrating their 50th birthday, look no further than 50th birthday Champagne as it can be personalised to create a stunning gift to treat your loved one. The great thing about personalised 50th birthday Champagne is that the gift is totally unique and will be a gift that stands out from the crowd. Why not browse our selection of 50th birthday Champagne by clicking here, or on the link below:

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Each of our stunning designs can be fully personalised, and with direct delivery available you will not find a better 50th birthday Champagne bottle anywhere else. Upgrade to our premium Champagne or add some presentation boxes to create a 50th birthday Champagne present that is guaranteed to dazzle and delight.

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50th Birthday Champagne Gift

The 50th birthday is a big milestone for anyone. If you’re looking to celebrate a colleague’s birthday, or a close friend’s, have you thought about one of the most luxurious beverages on the market? Champagne is perfect for many major events, especially a 50th birthday – the wonderful history behind this premium fizzy alcoholic drink (which will go into further detail below) has ensured it will remain a special and iconic celebratory product to be enjoyed.

Maybe you’re planning your own 50th birthday Champagne celebrations and you want to make a big splash, Champagne is definitely the way to go. There are different options for varying tastes and at Say It With Champers, we also offer customised labels too. And if you’re on a tight budget, mini Prosecco bottles offer a fantastic alternative with the same prestigious impact.

A brief history of Champagne

Champagne cellar with thousands of bottles stacked in neat compartments

Champagne has been around for many years now. But where did it originate from?

There are many records of Champagne being used as a toast to celebrate victory and other festivities. It was also used as an ingredient in various recipes, such as sauces and soups.

But the first mention of Champagne appears to be by Benedictine monk Dom Perignon, who had been appointed as cellar master at Hautvillers Abbey in 1668. He noted that “the wines from my village are quite good.”

Dom Perignon’s most blended white wines from different regions, creating a drink for royalty and society. Today, Dom Perignon is one of the most expensive Champagnes you can buy, with some bottles reaching the thousand pound mark.

Although the monk’s involvement in the history of Champagne is evident, it’s unclear whether he was the inventor. Some records point to an Englishman being the creator of the bubbly. However, Dom Preignon did invent the technique of second fermentation in the bottle, which is how Champagne is made today.

What is the best Champagne to give as a gift for someone’s 50th birthday party?

Getting someone a gift can be quite a challenge, especially for a major milestone event such as a 50th birthday Champagne party. There’s that pressure we often don’t talk about where we feel inclined to get something extra special. With Champagne, in most instances you are sure to please and impress. It doesn’t matter if it’s a big party with hundreds of people in attendance, or a small gathering of family and friends at a meal, because of the luxurious nature of Champagne, people tend to receive it well.

Where things get slightly more complicated is the different kinds of 50th birthday Champagne you can buy. This can be made easier if you know what kind of Champagne the recipient likes – you can either ask them outright (without trying to spoil the surprise!) or find out from people who know them well.

Sometimes, people may not have had 50th birthday Champagne enough to know what kinds they like. Our team can help in this instance, providing the most popular choices. There are a few types that we stock, all of very high quality and at generous price points.

Classic Brut

The word “brut” is French for “raw,” and the label is a nod to the wine’s purity.

Brut 50th birthday Champagne is made by adding only three things: chardonnay, pinot noir, and pinot Meunier grapes (the last two are red grape varieties). The wine is fermented in the bottle, which preserves its delicate bubbles.

The classic brut champagne has a light golden colour with an intense aroma of fresh fruit. It has a dry taste with some sweetness on the finish. The bubbles are light and refreshing while still being full of flavour.

Rose Champagne

Rose Champagne is a type of wine that is made from red and white grapes. It is made by fermenting the juice of these grapes together, which gives it its pink colour. Thanks to pretty red berry aromas and nutty notes, as well as delicious cake and ripe pear, this Champagne always dazzles and delights.

Premium Champagne

Our premium Champagne is a fresh, lean style of Champagne with bright apple and lemon notes. The drink’s long fizz gives more roundness and breadiness than the classic version. It has a firm mouth watering finish and a creamy texture.

English Sparkling Wine

English sparkling wine is a type of wine that is typically made in the traditional champagne style and is a great alternative to 50th birthday Champagne. This type of wine has been around for centuries and it’s not uncommon to find it on restaurant menus and at high-end grocery stores. It’s also common to find English sparkling wines with flavours such as strawberry, raspberry, or peach added to them.

Vegan Champagne

This great bubbly is made by our family in France and we are the only source of it in the UK, and we guarantee that there are no animal derived products used in the production of this bubbly, meaning it makes the perfect vegan Champagne and is ideal for vegan or vegetarian Champagne drinkers.


Waiter carrying Champagne flutes at a 50th party

If you want to make the person celebrating their 50th birthday smile, we definitely think 50th birthday Champagne is the way to go. There are plenty of options to choose from that we talked about in the previous section. If you’re struggling to choose, please do not hesitate to contact our team.

As mentioned above in this 50th birthday Champagne article, we also offer a customised label service where you can put your own special message for the recipient. This is an incredibly popular offering from Say It With Champers and has been used by many individual customers as well as big business brands for special events.

As well as 50th birthday Champagne we also offer hampers with a selection of other goodies such as cheese and chocolates, who wouldn’t like that for their 50th!