Bespoke and quirky weddings that speak to you

It doesn’t matter when you’re getting married – whether you’re getting married as youngsters or if you’re marrying at 103 – you want to make your event something personal and that really speaks to you. The number of choices and options you have might seem endless, but there are lots of interesting diversions you can take that can make your big day different than any other.

The range of options you’ve got for personalising your wedding are almost endless. From personalised Champagne bottles, with labels that congratulate the bride and groom on their big day, to floral decorations that use the bride and groom’s favourite flowers, and even choosing the songs on the playlist at the wedding party, every aspect of a wedding can be personalised to make the day unique.

We’ve looked into a few of these bespoke wedding options below, but a comprehensive list would go on forever!

Quirky and unique wedding ideas

The post box

Post boxes are becoming near-essential at weddings these days. People are foregoing the traditional wedding gift list and are instead asking for cards containing money or other small tokens, and the best way to keep these secure is with a post box.

According to data from the National Wedding Survey 2018, only a mere 18% of couples used wedding gift lists, while 52% asked guests for a contribution to the cost of their honeymoon, and 20% asked for charitable donations, making postboxes an essential feature at the majority of modern weddings.

The range of wedding postboxes available these days is huge – you could go for a standard Royal Mail post box, a themed postbox, or any other secure storage box. Think of some quirky interest shared by the bride and groom, and see if you can find a storage box with a letter slot in it that features this interest! There are star wars wedding post boxes, superhero post boxes and much more – the right one for your event is out there!

Wedding photo booths

An interesting option could be to hire a snow globe photo booth. You might be familiar with these photo booths at Christmas time; sit inside them with your friends and family and get snapped in a festive snowstorm. A lot of these snowglobes can be amended for weddings; instead of a Christmas scene, swap it around with a ‘just married’ backdrop, and change the snow effect to confetti.

There won’t be many couples with wedding pictures that are as remarkable and striking as yours if you invest in a snow globe wedding photo booth, and your guests will love the opportunity too.


Another great way to make your event special and unique is through the catering. Although there are huge numbers of professional wedding caterers available, you may be able to speak to your favourite chef or restaurant to see if they can cook you your favourite meals for your big day. They might be delighted to accommodate you.

Accompany these personalised catering choices with a bespoke wedding champagne bottle and make your wedding speak to you.