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Exclusive Vegan Champagne 


If you are looking for a bottle of vegan Champagne to dazzle and delight you have come to the right place.


We are presently the only stockist of this brand of vegan Champagne in the UK, it is a great traditionally produced bottle of bubbly made by 7th generation grower producers. It is made by our family in Festigny who have followed the same traditional techniques and methods for many years. It is crisp and full of character and is guaranteed to please, so if you want a bottle of vegan bubbly for a loved one, then look no further!


How It Works


1. Select your label – Choose one of our unique templates to go with your best vegan Champagne and customize it with your text, photos or logo for your personalised hampagne.
2. We offer a variety of Champagne & sparkling wines to suit any taste or price point.
3. Place your order- We’ll produce your personalized Champagne bottle quickly and ship it out in as little as 1 business day.







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Best Vegetarian & Vegan Champagne

Say It With Champers are pleased to announce that our Premium range of Champagne is 100% vegetarian and vegan friendly with no animal products used in the production process whatsoever and the best vegan Champagne you will find online. To order the best vegan Champagne, simply navigate to our best vegan Champagne product page and purchase there. Or, if you would like your bubbly personalised simply select any of our designs from our shop and choose Premium Champagne while you are completing the order and we will send you our great vegan Champagne.

When it comes to trying to find the best vegan Champagne or vegetarian Champagne gift, you will not find a better selection of gifts for any occasion in our fantastic range. You may have a family member who is vegan or vegetarian, and you may be looking for a gift that is suitable for them. Whether it is a birthday, Christmas, engagement or wedding gift you are looking for then our Premium Champagne is the perfect gift for your vegetarian or vegan family member. No need to compile a list of vegan friendly Champagne brands, our Neveux-Rousseau bubbly is as good as any other you will try,

Best Vegan Champagne

if you are anything like me, you will find gift buying difficult at the best of times. The people I have to buy for the most often such as parents, wife and close fiends, i dread that time of the year when I need to think of something else to buy them. Typically a variant of what I have bought before is my usual tactic, it is safe, but rather uninspiring. and clearly not the most exiting gift to open when you know what it is.

If you have a vegetarian or vegan friend or family member, you may need to spend a little bit longer on your research as the choice will naturally be more restricted of course.

Champagne is one of those products which many people assume to be vegan, after all it is made out of grapes, so Champagne is naturally vegan by its nature right? Incorrect as many brands of Champagne are processed using various fining agents that have animal by products within them. Such ingredients include gelatine, egg white and milk protein, and these ingredients are of course imperceptible when consuming it, but of course they are there which makes the product totally unsuitable for a vegan.

It may seem strange that these ingredients are used at all, however they are normally used to help remove impurities, and in rarer cases for taste. As people look for healthier, and more sustainably produced products, there is no doubt that vegan Champagne will grow in popularity in the coming years. The number of people who are turning to veganism is growing, as will the demand for vegan Champagne and other related products,

It is quite possible that the majority of Champagnes don’t even state the fact that these products are used, so vegans need to be extra careful and select a Champagne brand that officially declares itself the best vegan friendly Champagne brand so no mistake it made. Often these ingredients are used in the production process, and are not technically used in the actual recipe, for this reason there will be little or more likely no trace of these products on the label, which means that choosing a bottle of Champagne for a vegan that extra bit more complicated.

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Wedding Champagne Gift

So what is so special about personalised wedding Champagne, and why does a bottle of personalised Champagne make such a good wedding gift, and what is the link with the best vegan Champagne?

Ask any couple who have got married and they will tell you what a fantastic day their wedding day is, and nearly all of them will say it was the best day of their lives. So much planning, stress and organisation goes into such a big day, and the reality of it all starts hitting home when you start meeting the guests before the ceremony. With it being the best day of their lives, any gift of any sort that marks that special day will always gain added value simply for what it is.


Great Wedding Gifts

You simply cannot go wrong with buying the happy couple personalised wedding and anniversary presents relating to their special day for this main reason. Personalised wedding Champagne not only looks great, but the three elements of it are all equally important:

  • Personalised – it is unique will be the only one of its kind, it is totally customised around that couple of and no-one else.
  • Wedding – the biggest day of their lives, buying something linking to this day will be a sure fire winner.
  • Champagne – it is the drink of celebration and you are celebrating the biggest day of their lives.

When you take a design like this and put it on the best vegan Champagne you create a stunning gift to remember.

Vegetarian Champagne

It goes without saying that since our premium Champagne is vegan, then of course it is a Champagne that is suitable for vegetarians too. This Champagne is now in it’s 7th generation of wine growers and the same recipe and traditions have been in place all these years. Champagne Neveux-Rousseau didn’t alter their recipe in order to accommodate vegans or vegetarians, the recipe has always been the same. Therefore when you buy your friend or family member this as a gift, you can do so knowing full well that the same recipe and great taste has been the same for hundreds of years.

This very picture above shows the vines where your best vegan Champagne or vegetarian Champagne is produced. This area is located in Jonquery which is in the heart of the Marne Valley and is known for the quality of the Pinot Meunier. The quality of this bubbly is fantastic, and you can be safe in the knowledge that as far as your choice of vegan Champagne goes as a gift, you will not find a better vegan Champagne present than this one.

The great thing about our best vegan Champagne  and vegetarian bubbly, is that not only is it a sustainable product, but it tastes fantastic too! Don’t worry about feeling like you might be compromising taste for your vegan choices, the rave reviews that Matthew Jukes gave in the Daily Mail to our product are testament to how good it is!

Vegan Friendly Champagne

If you go into your local supermarket, you will be hard pressed to know which of the bottles of bubbly there are vegan friendly or not. There is certainly no section that clearly identifies itself as having vegan friendly Champagne, and in all likelihood the majority of Champagnes will have no marking on them indicating whether or not that Champagne is vegan friendly or not. Unfortunately, a lot of the decision making will come down to knowledge, vegans will have read up on which Champagnes are vegan friendly and made their choice in that manner.

Personalised Champagne bottle label

So, when it comes to buying your vegan friend or family member a vegan friendly Champagne, you can select our premium bubbly having full confidence that it is made without any animals products at all. Simply select our premium bubbly on checkout, and we will do the rest, it is as simlpe as that! Vegan friendly Champagne and also vegan wines are very much in demand these days, and that trend is set to continue for some time.

Our prediction is that the cost of such vegan friendly products will rise as demand starts to outstrip supply. Champagne producers could of course change their methods of production, however this may have an effect on taste and also cost, so it will be very interesting to see how they adapt to the market and trends.

Within a few years I would expect it to be compulsory for Champagne producers to state whether the product is vegan or not on the label. It makes sense that vegans should be able to pick up a product, and see at a glance whether any animals products have been used in the production or not.

Cheap Vegan Champagne

We believe that for the quality of our bubbly you will not find a better value Champagne gift for vegans and vegetarians. Although not cheap as such, it is incredible affordable, especially when you subcribe to our newsletter and receive 20% off the marked price.

Whether you want to wish your vegan friend good luck, or are looking for their hen party gift, or perhaps they have just graduated or recently became engaged or got married, our premium bubbly is perfect with a fantastic combination of high quality and stunning designs, vegetarian Champagne has never tasted better, and it has never looked as good – when the two combine you get a vegan Champagne that not only is a great gift, but is up with the top vegan Champagne brands when it comes to overall price and quality.

Best Vegan Champagne Summary

As discussed earlier, it can be very difficult to know whether a Champagne is vegan or not by the label or the packaging. In all likelihood there will be no trace at all of the animal related ingredients on there, even if they have been used. Sometimes you just need to know which Champagne brand regards itself as a vegan Champagne brand and luckily we can say with absolute certainty that our premium Champagne is 100% vegan, therefore suitable for vegetarians and vegans alike making the perfect birthday or engagement gift and all can be sent through the post.

A general rule of thumb, although by no means an absolute rule, is that the more traditional a Champagne is in their production, the less likely they are to use animal derived products in the production process and the more like it will be a vegan Champagne. Often the smaller companies are the most traditional, and they have been using the same techniques for a number of generations, which means that since they never used them in the past, then they don’t use them now.

So if you are a vegan, looking for a high quality vegan Champagne brand as a birthday, graduation or Christmas gift then look no further! Simply stock up your shopping basket, complete your order and wait for it to be sent to you, and we will do the rest! Vegan Champagne is enjoying some strong growth at the moment, why noty try yours today and buy more sustainable products? We believe our bubbly to be the best vegan Champagne available, so why not treat your loved one to the best vegan Champagne currently available?

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