Catholic Baptism Gifts 

If you are looking for some catholic baptism gifts you have come to the right place as we have some classy baptism gifts that capture the essence of the Christening perfectly. We have the first baptism themed personalised Champagne bottles on the market, they look fantastic and you can see them yourself by clicking baptism.

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Buying the right gift for a catholic baptism isn’t easy, as there is a huge choice out there but choosing the correct item isn’t easy. Ideally you want a gift that is fairly traditional, something classy and something that preferably no-one else will buy! Ticking all those boxes isn’t easy, especially as you don’t want the gift to cost you a fortune! There is quite a lot of choice out there, but ideally you want a gift that will stand out from the crowd, be appreciated and be a perfect present for a catholic baptism.

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Personalised Christening gift

Personalised Gifts 

Personalised gifts are increasingly popular for this sort of event, and for some very good reasons too. Their popularity has exploded in recent years as people want to move away from the usual mass-produced shop-bought items for something that is more personal and carries more sentimental value to the recipient.

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When it comes to memorable events, you want a memorable present and especially something in keeping with the occasion. A catholic baptism isn’t the easiest occasion to buy a gift for, as the potential choice is invariably huge, but is everything suitable? Personalised gifts are great, but I doubt a personalised mouse mat would be suitable for a gift at a catholic baptism!

Personalised Baptism Champagne

In many ways a baptism personalised Champagne gift is the perfect present for a catholic Christening in many ways. It ticks all the boxes that we listed above, and on top of that it is the perfect celebratory present as there is no drink that represents celebration like Champagne does. Every memorable occasion has some form of Champagne to go with it, and a catholic baptism should be no different. When you think of sporting successes, New Year’s Eve, Christmas, birthday celebrations and other major events there will typically be a bottle of bubbly, so why not give one as a present at a catholic baptism?

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When you think about it, personalised Champagne themed around the baptism makes the perfect present for a catholic Christening. It is themed around the big day so makes a fantastic keepsake of the special day.

Personalised Baptism Presents

For the bigger and more memorable events in life, personalised gifts are the perfect solution as they help create memories and make a gift have more sentimental value for a given occasion. Personalised gifts are a wonderful way of gifting someone as they will always appreciate it as the themed that the gift is about is related to the big day in their life. For this reasons a bottle of Champagne makes a fantastic present choice for a catholic baptism.

Catholic Baptism Presents

Now is the perfect time to introduce to you our baptism themed Champagne gifts that are perfect for a catholic Christening. They are found in our baptism category, and each in turn will now be discussed.

Catholic Christening Present 01

The first of our Christening gifts that is perfect for a catholic baptism is shown below, and if you want one of these you can buy one by clicking baptism.

Personalised Champagne Wedding Gift UK Delivered Baptism Anniversay Proposal Graduation Hen Party

Personalised Christening gift

When it comes to stunning baptism themed present for a catholic Christening this fantastic design sets itself aside from the competition. The design is a subtle light brown colouring with a textured background which gives it a nice and formal appearance, and in perfectly in keeping with the occasion. The contents are framed by a darker border which helps draw the attention in to the graphics and the personalised messages within. In total there are 5 text lines for you to enter allowing full customisation of this Christening gift.

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Baptism personalised Champagne label

You will see by taking a look at the closeup of this image just how stunning this design really is. In the background there is an outline of a child angel which helps bring the religious aspect making it a perfect gift for a catholic baptism. The overall appearance is stunning and if you are looking for a gift that is a little bit different to the norm, then this could be it as the design is unique and one of a kind.

Catholic Christening Present 02

The second Christening gift that we will now introduce is another great choice for a catholic baptism present, and if you want one of your own, simply click baptism.

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Personalised Christening gift

This catholic Christening gift has many things in common with the first example I showed you. You can see the overall formal design with the dark border is the same, as if the textured background which adds the classy and elegant feel to it. The main difference is the background image, instead of the child angel in the background, the outline graphic is that of a couple with a baby at the altar during the baptism. Like the other one this traditional religious scene is a perfect gift for any catholic baptism.

Personalised Champagne Wedding Gift UK Delivered Baptism Anniversay Proposal Graduation Hen Party

Baptism personalised Champagne bottle

The overall design of the bubbly is stunning, and the gift is complete when you add your customised text on there. There are 5 text fields in total, so populate them in theme with the baptism to make the perfect keepsake of the special day. This sort of gift is ideal if you want something that stands out from the crowd as you can be pretty sure that no other guest will be a personalised Champagne bottle themed around the baptism!

Catholic Baptism Present Market

As far as specific presents for the catholic baptisms, there isn’t an awful lot of choice, simply because most gifts tend to be personalised items for the child, like a bracelet for example. These items do make great presents all the same, however finding something that is in theme with the religious side of the occasion and is in keeping with the event isn’t particularly easy, particularly when you want a gift that will be remembered and enjoyed. Baptism themed personalised Champagne ticks all the boxes in that respect, and when you consider that an the price point you can get it which includes delivery, Champagne and label, you will not find a better baptism present for a catholic Christening.

Catholic Gift Summary

We hope that now you have finished reading our article about personalised Champagne that is themed around the baptism, you agree it makes the perfect catholic Christening present. Finding something as unique and classy as this is tricky, and all the boxes are ticked with such a gift. The drink of celebration that is themed around the catholic baptism, and with your personalised messages makes for the ideal Christening gift.

If you really want to add extra glitz and glamour to your gift, we would recommend adding one of your wooden presentation boxes which can be found in our accessories section. We have a range to suit every budget, for example our single budget box is well built and looks great, and at the price it currently is you cannot go wrong with such a choice. The premium single box looks stunning, it is priced slightly higher but it is silk lined and looks stunning. So, combine your baptism themed Champagne with our stunning boxes and create your perfect catholic baptism gift set today!