Fine Champagne Aged in Gold

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Champagne Wedding Gift Idea

We came across an interesting article about Champagne aged in gold and here is the summary of it, if you are looking for a Champagne wedding gift this could be a great choice! Now this would make a great personalised Champagne gift if you want to send Champagne gift UK through us!

The Champagne contained within is from a 2016 harvest – it is Hervé Jestin who us the chief winemaker at Leclerc Briant, he informed the world at a business dinner that in 2021 a gold-aged Champagne would hit the market. We can’t guarantee we will have this available as a personalised Champagne present, but check our website all the same if you want to send a Champagne gift UK.

The barrel has been custom made for Leclerc Briant, and holding 228 litres and lined with 24 carat gold and made of stainless steel is an impressive sight! We know this would make a great personalised Champagne gift but it may be an expensive Champagne, and a bit too pricey to be able to send as a Champagne gift online.

Jestin advised that the container had been filled with wine that was exclusively from the vineyard of La Croisette, this is a small parcel of land from the vineyard in Epernay. The vineyards in this area are perfect for the personalised Champagne present that you purchase, the mixture of climate and soil combine to make the best Champagne, so get in touch if you want to send Champagne gift UK through us.

As you would expect with the vineyard’s of Briant, the area is farmed in accordance with biodynamic viticulture, although one thing to note is that La Croisette is particularly sought after due to the fact that synthetic chemicals have never been used during production. It is facts like these that give you confidence about their wine, this is the same for our Premium Champagne, it came from family vineyards so you know your personalised Champagne bottle has been produced to the highest quality standards, so we know you won’t be disappointed should you choose to buy Champagne in bulk.


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Fine Champagne Production

The producer has around 20 acres of vines to select his grapes from, which enables the production of around 175,000 bottles per year, he also sources grapes from other wine growers in the Champagne region. This is not uncommon, and our cheap Champagne is sourced from Philizot and Fils, who may well do the same, you can rest assured that your personalised Champagne present is very high quality, so if you want a Champagne birthday please order through our website.

The Champagne by Leclerc Briant is farmed organically, and rather than being purely biodynamic it is 100% organic négociant. This Champagne would clearly be ideal as a personalised Champagne label, although it is an expensive Champagne brand so your personalised Champagne bottle would not come cheap.

He explains the the goal coated barrel came with a very high price, and added that this was in part due to the solar properties of the metal. Champagne pictures of this are available to find online.

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Personalised Champagne bottle label

He adds that there is a resonance between the wine and solar energy, and comments that using gold in the process increases the level of fermentation during the first cycle. Although we won’t be using this for our personalised Champagne presents, if you can afford it, then this Champagne would make a great Champagne Christmas gift.

He also adds that gold creates a synergy with cosmic activity, this he explains is a crucial aspect of biodynamic principles. he explains that the wine that had been contained in the barrle was very different to the wine that had been aged in other vessels. If you are looking for Champagne gifts UK, please contact the supplier who will be able to advise accordingly for direct delivery of your Champagne gifts by post.

He explains that a new fermatation method is being trialled with grapes being stored in barrels that were sourced from La Croisette. If you contact the supplier they will be able to send you Champagne by post.

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Personalised Champagne Bottle

Although rarely used for personalised Champagne birthday or Christmas bottles, gold is often used in other industries for the special optical properties that it has. We’re not sure if any other Champagne names follow this process, but they are almost certainly not used on any personalised bottle labels.

Using gold in winemaking in this way is a first, and although it has been met with scepticism by many as they are unsure how gold would improve the fermentation process. If you want to send a bottle of Champagne of this sort, contact the supplier who will assist, it would certainly make an ideal Champagne wedding gift.

Although Jestin couldn’t justify why the gold would improve the quality of the wine, he asserted that having a gold plated barrel improved the process. So if you want to send Champagne gift UK, this could be a great choice due to quality of production, if we have enough people ask for it, we could look at using it for our personalised Champagne labels.

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Anniversary personalised Champagne label

He added that certain people thought that experimeting in such a way was frivolous, but he asserted that it did improve their fermentation process. It is clearly a top quality Champagne and would be ideal in a birthday Champagne gift box.

It appears that as far as using gold in the vessels that Leclerc Briant is the first to employ it is in this way, however it is not the sole winery to use a very expensive material in making barrels. It is clear however that as far as vintage wine gifts they have the edge over competition.

The barrel itself took over two years to make and used a technique known as ‘lost-wax casting’ that was used extensively by Lalique up until 1930 but is rarer today as it is used for objects cast in one go and so requires an immense degree of skill.

This procedure was used widely by lalique until the 1930’s. It required a great deal of skill, much more than your typical personalised alcohol bottle, or your personalised bottle labels. If you require Champagne delivery London get in touch for further information.