Hampers with bespoke branded Champers available - please enquire

Hampers with Corporate Champers


If you are looking for a luxury corporate gift that stands out from the crowd you have come to the right place



A corporate hamper with a bottle(s) of Champagne branded with your corporate logo and colours is the ultimate corporate gift that is guaranteed to dazzle and delight the recipient. We can tailor the hamper the way you want it and create a stunning gift that has the wow factor.

Using only the highest quality hampers and the finest ingredients, and together with award winning Champagne and commercial grade printing, you will not find a better Champagne gift basket delivery service

How It Works

1. Contact us to discuss your requirements.
2. We will design your label and source the ingredients you require.
3. We aim to have your corporate hampers delivered within 2 weeks of the order being placed.




We believe in simple, transparent pricing. The price we agree is the price you pay and includes delivery but is exclusive of VAT.

Whether you are looking to treat loyal customers, important colleagues or business contacts, or celebrating the success of your staff members, the Champagne gift baskets and gift hampers available from Say It With Champers offer the perfect selection of superb corporate gifts to toast any occasion.

CONTACT us to discuss your requirements and we will create the perfect Champagne gift basket which can be delivered to one location or direct. We have a great range of branded gift baskets, Champagen basket gifts and Champagen gift hampers available.

The celebration could be anything, from the success of your team, you might have customer relations you want to build, or you might be wanting a Christmas hamper. Whatever the occasion, we guarantee we will tailor you’re a fantastic gift basket or gift basket delivery to make a corporate Champagne gift basket or gift hamper that will be remembered.

If you want the ideal Champagne gift basket to give to staff members or key clients, then look no further than our gift baskets with corporate branded Champagne deliveries. We always select the finest components such as luxury treats and nibbles, and of course with a corporate branded bottle of award winning Champagne, making a gift basket anyone would love.

All you need to do is GET IN TOUCH to discuss your requirements and we will work on creating a stunning Champagne gift hamper that is sure to please. If you prefer to talk to us, please call 0333 772 1368 and we will happily discuss the delivery of your Champagne gift baskets.

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Champagne Gift Basket Delivery

Quality is paramount for our Champagne gift baskets that we deliver, you can rest assure that the corporate gift we provide will be well stocked with luxury produce that will dazzle and delight. We take the time to ensure each Champagne gift basket is created exactly to your requirements, all you need to do is CONTACT US to discuss your requirements.

Example ingredients that you will typically find in our luxury Champagne gift baskets can be found below:

  • Joe and Seph Gourmet Popcorn 

Joe and Seph popcorn is regarded as the best gourmet popcorn that is currently available. This large 80g bag is their salted caramel flavour, not only is this their top selling line, but it is also gluten free and suitable for vegans.

  • Booja Booja Truffles

These luxury truffles come with 8 truffles in the box and weighs 92g. This truffle is a superior quality delight and is award-winning, they are made in Norfolk and are a treat of pure decadence and opulence.

  • Yorkshire Crisps

Yorkshire crisps are a luxury hand cooked crisps in an artisan style manner. The pack is a large 100g container and they come in a wide range of flavours, with cheese and caramelised onion coming highly recommended.

  • Silver & Green Olives

Supreme quality hand stuffed olives from Silver & Green, a wide range of flavours are available, with the garlic stuffed variety being the pick of the bunch.

  • Cheese Straws

Deluxe cheese straws that are made with Highland Dunlop cheese. These come in a good 100g size box which holds approximately 10 straws.

  • Indie Bay Pretzels

These 26g pack pretzels are award-winning and are both tasty and healthy! They are made from quinoa and baked wheat and come with a cracked pepper flavour.

  • Corporate Branded Champagne

Corporate Gift Basket

Our corporate branded bubbly delivery is designed from scratch around your company branding to make the perfect Champagne gift basket laden with corporate Champagne. The great thing about our Champagne gift hampers is that they come as standard with a bottle of Champagne with your company branding.

Say It With Champers are a specialist personalised Champagne company, the great with this is that you know that the corporate Champagne in your gift hamper will look stunning, you will not find a better Champagne gift basket. When it comes to delivered corporate gifts, there is no better present that a Champagne corporate gift hamper, and with your company branding on there you are giving a gift to remember.

When it comes to the size of your Champagne gift hamper delivery you can choose any size you wish. The hamper sizes we keep in stock are 14, 16 and 18 inch, and the great thing is with the larger size you can fit two bottles of corporate branded Champagne in your gift basket. Two bottles of branded bubbly in the same gift basket delivered direct, what’s not to love about that!

Champagne Luxury Gift Basket

We know very well that taste is a matter of personal preference and depending on your goal and company culture you might want you Champagne gift basket to have a certain feel. You can request any item you need in your Champagne hampers, we know a corporate gift basket needs to be just as you want it, and we are happy to accommodate anything you need. Simply send us a brief for your luxury Champagne gift basket and we will do the rest.

You can rest assured that every Champagne gift basket we provide will be assembled with your corporate requirements in hand. Quality and a luxurious feel is of utmost importance, high quality is paramount from start to finish and each gift basket is assembled with the end user in mind.

We ensure that only the highest quality components make up your Champagne gift basket, and when combined with a corporate branded bottle of bubbly you can be confident that it will be a gift to please every lucky recipient.

There’s no better corporate gift than a Champagne gift basket coupled with your corporate branding, so if you want a Champagne present basket that will stand out from the contact, send us your brief and we will deliver what you need.

MESSAGE us now or call us today and we will assemble you a corporate gift basket with Champagne and deliver it where ever you need. No order gift basket order is too big or small, we will ensure your Champagne basket makes the perfect gift no matter the size of your order. There’s no better feel than seeing a corporate Champagne gift basket that is tailored to perfection, orders yours today and give your staff the treat they deserve.

Champagne Basket Gifts

The quality of our Champagne for your gift basket is guaranteed, with a choice of an award-winning Classic Brut, or our premium bubbly which is made by our 7th generation grower/producer family in Festigny, you can be sure you will be a Champagne hamper to die for, We have a wide network of food suppliers with established relationships giving us a great position when it comes to creating your corporate hamper or gift basket delivery.

If your Champagne basket gift needs to be themed, no problem, simply call our team on 0333 772 1368 and we will be on hand to take down all your requirements. We offer a totally flexible service which means we can delivery one gift basket, or 1000 Champagne hampers to wherever you need it to go. If you want the Champagne basket gift delivered to a work address, no problem, or to a home address, that is equally fine.

Branded Gift Basket

Gift hampers and branded gift basket ideas with a bottle of corporate branded Champagne are the great new way to thank your business contacts and colleagues, A deluxe branded gift basket or Champagne gift basket like this is perfect for almost any occasion, including:


  • Festive gift hampers & Champagne gift baskets – Christmas is busy for all of us, why not relieve yourself some of the stress with a corporate present or branded gift basket in a stunning but simple and effective service through ourselves? We will ensure that every hamper is prepared exactly as you would expect for a branded Christmas basket to savour.


  • A corporate hamper or Champagne gift basket to reward your staff is a guaranteed way to ensure your appreciation has been noted. We all love quality gift baskets, and whether it is a corporate anniversary or birthday, all you need to do is tell us your budget and we will take care of the rest. Give them the treat they deserve with our stunning hamper gifts.


  • Apologising or thanking staff or clients through the giving of a Champagne gift hamper, branded gift basket or Champagne gift basket is an ideal way to build corporate bridges. A gift of this nature shows you have thought about the gift and will help repair the working relationship.


  • Customer retention is of paramount importance to any businesses, as is gaining new customers of course. Imagine receiving a corporate Champagne hamper or Champagne gift basket from a firm you have been dealing with, if that doesn’t make you see them in a better light then nothing will! Tell us your budget and we will deliver you a hamper to remember.


  • What better way to welcome a new employee into the fold with a Champagne hamper with corporate branding on to make a great branded gift basket? Hampers and champers are a match made in heaven give them the treat they deserve!