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Graduation Champagne Gift


If you are looking for a the perfect gift to celebrate a graduation you have come to the right place.



A Champagne graduation gift that is personalised around the recent person who has graduated is the perfect gift to dazzle and delight. Champagne is the iconic drink of celebration, and we all love personalised gifts, and when you combine the two the result is a gift that is guaranteed to dazzle and delight. The bubbly itself if award-winning, and the designs look great, and with quick service you will not find a better Champagne graduation gift online.



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Champagne Graduation Gift

To view our fantastic range of personalised Champagne gifts, please click our labels page. If you are looking for a Champagne graduation gift you have come to the right place. we have some fantastic designs that are guaranteed to dazzle and delight.

Graduating is a momentous occasion in anyone’s life, whether the individual has graduated from university, from a training course or a professional exam. The stress and revision is now over, and for that lucky person it is party time of course! Gift-wise you feel like you should get them something, that’s the easy part, think what to buy is not quite so easy!

When it comes to the type of gift, you know it needs to be unique, something that they will like, and something they will actually enjoy! Listing the requirements is the easy part, finding a gift that meets them and is affordable is the hard part!

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Personalised Graduation Gift

You certainly don’t want to buy something standard off the supermarket shelf, and you don’t want to get something that will collect dust in a drawer. Personalised graduation gifts are very much in fashion as they are unique and show you gave the choice some thought. But, there is something better than a personalised graduation gift, and that is a personalised Champagne graduation gift!

If you think about it a bottle of Champagne that is graduation themed and personalised around that person and their achievement makes the perfect gift. There is no drink that represents celebration like Champagne does, and graduation is a great event and worth of a huge celebration – so you combine the two and that makes a Champagne graduation present!

When I think back to the exams I have passed and the presents I received, I struggle to think of any graduations gifts that really stood out. But if I had received a personalised graduation Champagne gift, you can sure bet I would have remembered it! Whether the person decides to keep it on a shelf as a keepsake, or drinks it that very night, there’s arguments for both. Either way I’m sure you agree a graduation Champagne present is better than an engraved pen for example!

Champagne Graduation Presents

At this point it makes sense to show you some of our personalised bottles make fantastic presents as graduation Champagne. With each of them they come with a matching top and bottom label, and of course you can customise them to make your bespoke graduation gift. With both of these free 48 hr direct delivery is included, with 24 hr available on checkout.

Graduation Champagne Gift 01

This bottle of bubbly comes from our graduation range, a full photo of the finished product is shown below, and can be purchased from our graduation Champagne page. Why not click the link and start creating your very own Champagne graduation gift?

For any person who is celebrating recently graduating this Champagne Gift makes the perfect personalised present. As you can see, the label is classy and elegant with subtle graduation themed graphics in the background and perfectly in keeping with the feel of a Champagne graduation gift. The yellow/golden border helps frame the contents and your messages within, making a stunning graduation Champagne present. Genuinely what else can you get for under £50 that would impress the person who has graduated than a personalised graduation Champagne gift like this one?

A closeup of the body label shows the quality of the design in greater detail. You can clearly see the graduation hat, and if you look closely at the bottom in the background there is the outline of people throwing up with graduations hats as they celebrate their recent graduation. No other personalised Champagne graduation gift is as stunning as this one. If you want to impress your friend and get them a gift they will enjoy, this graduation themed Champagne gift is the present you need to get.

When it comes to giving graduation presents, I always think the easiest way to see how well the would be received is to imagine how you would feel about receiving it. For me a Champagne themed graduation present would be perfect as I love Champagne! For any Champagne lovers out there theming a graduation present around a bottle of Champagne makes a pretty safe choice!

Graduation Champagne Gift 02

This great customised bubbly is in our passed exam range, you can see the finished product in the photo shown below, and if you would like to purchase this bubbly, you can do so on our exam Champagne page. Simply click the link and you can start creating a Champagne graduation gift of your very own today.

Although not technically a graduation themed label, the fact that it has a graphic of someone celebrating their exam success means it could easily be used as a graduation Champagne present. The first label is possibly more designed on the university graduation side, whereas you might use this for an exam success in another field, like a professional exam for example. Either way, you can customise the text around the graphic which you prefer and create the graduation styled Champagne present in the way you prefer.

As you can see from the larger image, the design is subtle and with a textured background to the image it creates a distinctive and classy look. The blue border frames the contents perfectly and makes a great Champagne gift for anyone who has graduated or passed their exams. We all love Champagne, so pick the label you prefer, add your custom text and order yours today! Having a bottle of Champagne themed around such an event is a simple but effective concept, and one which whoever one buy one for will just love.


Graduation Champagne Gift 03 & 04

The following two bottles of Champagne aren’t dedicated graduation themed designs but can still be used as a Champagne graduation gift, so that is why I am grouping them together. They both look great and can be found in our new year section. I will discuss both briefly saying why they would make great choices for Champagne graduation presents.

The first one is our New Year 01 bottle, a closeup is shown below and it can be purchased on our New Year Champagne page. If you want to create your Champagne graduation gift with the fireworks theme, simply click the link and start the process.As you can see from the design it is a celebratory label with Champagne and fireworks displayed in the graphics. With a design like this you can use it for just about any occasion or event as the look and feel doesn’t tie it to any specific occasion. So if you want a graduation style Champagne present that is a bit different then this could be a great choice.

The other New Year label that could be used as a custom graduation Champagne gift is our other New Year label which can be ordered here and is shown below.

This label has similarities to the other label in that it is clearly a design that suits a celebration, but it is done in a way that it isn’t tied to a specific event. The classy white font on the black background results in a label that is pronounced, clear and elegant making a classy Champagne graduation gift. Combined with the yellow border and classy graphics, this design would make a Champagne present for graduating that anyone would love.

Champagne Graduation Gift History

When asking about the history of Champagne graduation gifts, in essence we are enquiring about the history of personalised Champagne, as the two go hand in hand. We can trace the start of personalised Champagne bottles in the UK to about 10 years or so ago. It was about this time when personalised Champagne made its first appearance, and the likely options available would have been limited, perhaps some birthday or wedding themes for example.

Graduation Champagne gifts would have made an appearance shortly after this as the concept of sending someone a bottle of Champagne through the post became more mainstream. We are however, at the very bottom of the curve, but the customised Champagne market will undoubtable enjoy some considerable growth in the coming years, and this can be traced to a number of reasons.

Personalised gifts are very much in fashion these days, also salaries are increasing meaning Champagne is more affordable, and of course people low to their shopping online these days. All these factors combine rather nicely as far as personalised Champagne goes, and of course the same goes with a Champagne graduation gift. Who wouldn’t want to buy a fantastic Champagne graduation gift like this from the comfort of their own home?

People love to be able to do their shopping while in front of the TV at night for example, and with the price of such personalised Champagne bottles being at the sort of price point most people like to spend on this sort of gift, we can safely say we will see some momentum gaining in the next few months. It is quite likely a Champagne graduation gift of this sort will be seen more much readily in the future.

Graduation Champagne Present Summary

The first thing that we hope you have learned from reading our article is that personalised Champagne is the ideal choice when to finding a graduation gift. Customised Champagne has many positives, first of all it is a celebratory product, it is at the perfect price point, it can be personalised and of course it is graduation themed! Champagne graduation gifts like this are hard to come by, so don’t delay and start designing your Champagne graduation gift today!

Furthermore, we hope that with the designs we have shown you that you can find a suitable looking Champagne bottle for your graduation present. Whether you want one that is graduation themed, or a more celebratory theme we have many choice to give you what you are looking for. So if you need a graduation Champagne present, choose your label and order yours today! Vegans, don’t forget to choose our premium bubbly on checkout for a vegan Champagne and make your own vegan Champagne graduation gift!

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