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Champagne Wedding Gift Ideas for the Happy Couple

Bride and groom at their wedding ceremony toasting each other with Champagne glasses with white flowers around the glasses

If you were invited to a wedding booked just before the pandemic hit, it was quite possible that the wedding had to be delayed, and delayed again. Now that businesses have opened up again, the wedding industry is no different, and these magical ceremonies are thankfully becoming commonplace again.

There’s something special about weddings, where friends and families from both sides come together to celebrate. It’s always tricky to decide what to gift the happy couple as you need to consider the tastes of both bride and groom (or groom and groom or bride and bride!). Even two years of lockdowns may not have brought any stand out ideas to fruition, so this blog article about a Champagne wedding gift is here to help you.

When there is a wedding, there is most likely going to be Champagne. And when there is going to be Champagne, the chances are high that the couple to be wed enjoy a glass or two. With this being said a Champagne wedding gift is a classic wedding gift that will always be appreciated.

Whether you’re looking for something unique or just want to give a thoughtful wedding gift, you’re on to a winner with Champagne. At Say It With Champers, we offer a personalisation service to make the bottle extra special – read on to find out more about this.

If you wanted to go even further to make your gift one of the most talked about on the honeymoon, why not get them a Champagne wedding gift bundle? Below we outline recommendations for the best bundle.

Personalised Champagne

Say It With Champers personalised Champagne Wedding Gift next to two Champagne flute glasses

The most important thing in a Champagne wedding gift bundle is, of course, the bubbly itself! The couple needs something to open to celebrate their marriage. We provide some of the finest flavours of fizz from Classic Brut to our favourite Premium Champagne. If you’re unsure about what type to go for, our team of experts are on hand to help.

With years of experience in the Champagne industry, if you tell us about the preferences of the happy couple, we can advise on what they are most likely to enjoy. What sets us apart from other regular Champagne suppliers, is our personalisation service. We have a section on our website specifically for wedding gifts. With five designs to choose from, there is a fantastic selection that you can combine with the different types of Champagne we provide.

You can add your own personalised message to the label which our designer can help you with. People love a personalised message on their gifts! You can be assured that no matter what type of Champagne you purchase from us, it will be of high quality. Our bubbly for lower budgets is from an award-winning producer.

This means you will only get the best, no matter how much you spend. We also sell gift boxes to protect the bottle(s) of Champagne, which come in either pine or premium dark stained elm wood. And if you’re looking to get more than one bottle as a wedding gift for the Champagne enthusiast, we offer discounts for bulk purchases.

Champagne Wedding Gift Flutes

Photo of a bottle of Champagne laying on a black chalkboard surface next to two Champagne flute glasses crossed over each other

With the bottle of Champagne being the most important part of the Champagne wedding gift bundle, the classic flute glasses are the next item you’d want to pick up. You don’t want the newlyweds to be chugging the Champagne from the bottle on their honeymoon, the same also goes for their Champagne wedding gift!

These types of glasses should only be used for drinking Champagne and other sparkling wines, as they amplify the characteristics thanks to the tall and thin structure of the flute. This makes the bubbles more prominent and thus more elegant and classy. There are many places you can pick up a set of beautiful looking Champagne glasses such as John Lewis

Champagne Bottle Opener

Champagne bottle being popped with Champagne bursting through the cork

We think popping Champagne bottles makes for great fun, and is something exciting for the newlyweds to do on their honeymoon, or when they return with the holiday blues and need things fizzing up again! The same applies to your Champagne wedding gift so why not pop the cork to toast your special day?

To keep it classy, instead of wrestling with the cork to get the bottle to burst open and risking it flying across the room, you could gift a Champagne bottle opener. This one from Wineware is a great option as it is easy to use and looks sleek too! With the clamp system it only takes seconds to use, and the safety technology clamps the cork so it doesn’t go flying.

Champagne Decanters

A stylish alcohol decanter which can be used as part of a Champagne Wedding Gift buddle

In the Champagne world, decanting fizzy has been a controversial topic and should only be done with certain types. Decanters are mostly used for red wine to separate the sediment before pouring.

With the right bottle of bubbly poured into a decanter, it helps allow oxygen to get to the liquid enhancing the aromas inside. We think a decanter is a great tool to have in the house, even if not for Champagne. As mentioned above, it can be used for wine or even as a stylish means of serving soft drinks and water for guests.

There are thousands of different styles of decanter out there, so it all comes down to personal preference. We like this one from ProCook that comes with a one-year guarantee and is made from beautiful lead-free crystal glass


Wedding ceremony setting with flowers on tables and Champagne flutes

Thanks for reading this guide on the ideal Champagne wedding gift bundle. We hope it’s provided some food for thought on what gift to take with you to that wedding. We’re sure the newlyweds will love it, but no matter what you end up buying we hope you enjoy the big day!

We also offer Champagne hampers on our online store which come with all sorts of delicious goodies, from cheeses to truffles. These are a great option for a Champagne wedding gift too, as you only have to buy the items from one shop. You can personalise the bottles of Champagne that come with these hampers too.

A Champagne wedding gift makes the perfect wedding present for a number of reasons. It is unique, affordable and has the wow factor, also Champagne is the drink of celebration so when you combine it with the wedding theme, you create a Champagne wedding gift that will dazzle and delight.