Branding Champagne with Company Logo

If you are looking for company branded Champagne you have come to the right place as Say It With Champers make branded bottles of bubbly that make the ideal corporate gift. Company branded Champagne ticks all the boxes as it looks great, is affordable and has the wow factor. Please contact us to discuss your own company branded Champagne requirements or click the button below.

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We guarantee a high quality product, commercially printed labels and a quick turnaround, why not treat your staff or key clients to company branded Champagne today?

Company Branded Champagne

Branded Champagne with the company logo for HSBC for the Mortgage Strategy Awards produced by Say It With Champers

When you’re looking to promote your business, you need to think about branding. Your company name, logo, colours, fonts, and other design elements all contribute to creating an overall impression that will attract customers. Another important element is where you place the brand. Many organisations tend to promote themselves at places, or on products, that reflect their brand’s identity and personality.

For example, you’ll find leading brands, such as IBM, sponsoring Wimbledon, which is considered one of the most prestigious sporting events in the world. By supporting this distinguished competition, IBM strengthens its image as a premium hardware and software supplier to the business world.

Although we don’t offer sponsorship packages at well-watched athletic occasions, we do provide something which is just as luxurious. Not only are we Champagne experts, we are branded bubbly enthusiasts too and we’ve worked with major brands to get their logo on some of the finest tasting bottles for company branded Champagne.

For example, HSBC (pictured above) for the Mortgage Strategy Awards 2020 and Samsung who were looking to celebrate a major achievement, of becoming the biggest smartphone brand in Europe, overtaking competitors such as Apple.

With the premium history that comes with company branded Champagne, it makes sense for many companies who want to position themselves as a high-value, high quality product or service provider to look at adding branding to their own bottles. This can either be for an event, a giveaway, an alternative to a business card or to say thank you to your hardworking staff.

But how do you go about getting your company logo and branding on bottles of Champagne? That’s where this guide and our team come in. Keep reading to find out more if you’re interested in putting your business’ logo on one of the world’s most high profile products, the elegant company branded Champagne bottle.

Choosing a Colour Scheme That Works With the Logo

Brand designer on a computer choosing a colour scheme for the brand ready to personalise a corporate bottle of Champagne

Many businesses have their own brand guidelines in place. Some can be quite restrictive in terms of design flexibility, whereas others allow for more creativity with special projects. No matter what camp your brand guidelines fall into, we can happily work with either method.

Or, if there are no brand guidelines in place, we can fully advise you on what will look best printed onto the company branded Champagne bottle.

With bespoke promotional products, it pays to get the colour scheme bang on. You want your main message to stand out as well as the company logo. With premium items such as luxury Champagne, darker colour schemes tend to be used as blacks and purples as they are perceived as sophisticated and exclusive. However, any range of colours can work.

You should choose a colour scheme that matches your brand’s personality for your company branded CHampagne bottle. If you’re trying to appeal to a younger crowd of between 18 – 30, then use bright colours. If you’re targeting a more mature audience, go for softer tones.

Creating a Design Template

TalkTalk Business logo on one of Say It With Champers branded Champagne bottles

As with many other bespoke products, templates are used for our Champagne bottle labels to ensure everything is correctly in place before pressing print! There are certain elements that need to be displayed on the label by law, such as the alcohol content, the type of alcohol  and pregnancy warning signs. These tend to sit at the bottle of the labels and take up about 20% of the space.

With this in mind, we utilise the rest of the space on the branded Champagne label intelligently to ensure your brand and messaging stands out. It’s good to have graphics and text evenly spaced apart, making it easier to read. Short, succinct messaging tends to work better than lengthy paragraphs on all kinds of branded goods and our bespoke luxury Champagne labels are no different.

It’s best to focus on a few key details, such as the name of the event or your company’s contact details, rather than taking the About Us information from your company’s website!
If you have an in-house design team, we can send you the template, or we can utilise our experts to create a template based on your brief for your company branded Champagne.

Adding Your Company Name or Logo

Bottle of Champagne without a label on a textured background

We can’t think of any cases where you wouldn’t want to put your company name and logo on the branded Champagne bottle label! It’s the most important part, as it ties whatever messaging you have opted in for, to your brand.

Without your logo, brand awareness doesn’t work. For your company branded Champagne it needs to be clear and sharp looking, so we recommend you send us the highest quality version of your logo. Formats most usually involved in design include EPS, AI or PDF files.

We can use image files such as PNG and JPG, but they do not transfer to print as well. JPG files also don’t have transparent backgrounds, so it will have a block of white (or another colour) sitting behind it, so we don’t recommend these types.

There are different colour profiles for print and digital. Your logo will need to be in CMYK which is the preferred format for printing (RGB is best for digital design, such as a logo for a website). If you’re not sure about how to find this out or how to set it up, please click here to get in touch with us in relation to your company branded Champagne.

Printing Labels

Printing engineers at a print house discussing designs for Champagne labels

Once the Champagne labels have either been completed by our team, or sent in by your designers, it will be ready to print! If we have created the design, we will send it to you as a final proof. Please be aware that on screen colours can differ slightly to the final print version. It’s highly recommended that you check this in detail before we proceed on your company branded Champagne order.

Following confirmation, we will use the latest printing technology and equipment to produce the Champagne label for your bottles. This ensures a high quality finish that will look great once wrapped around the glass. You can see online examples of our bespoke labels here to see the quality of the print.

It doesn’t take long for this process, and when it’s done we can ship the branded Champagne bottles out to you, safely, securely and quickly!


Say It With Champers branded bottle of Champagne for Walkers Sensations Crisps

Thanks for reading this latest blog on company branded Champagne with your corporate logo. Hopefully there are a few pointers in there that will help clear up any questions. If not, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team.

Our bespoke branded Champagne label service is one of our most popular. Thanks to the ability to transform these bottles into brand awareness tools with a great taste, we can see why the demand is growing! Should you want to go on a wine tour, we recommend using Elite Wine Tours who are a fantastic business.