If you are looking for corporate Champagne gifts then you have come to the right place as SayIt With Champers have a wide range of Champagne gifts that are perfect for the corporate market. Whether it is branded Champagne, Champagne & chocolates, or mini Champagne bottles you are looking for, our range of corporate Champagne gifts are guaranteed to dazzle and delight, so why not contact us today?

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Colleagues smartly dressed at a corporate event with glasses of luxury Champagne in their hands

Corporate Champagne gifts are a fun way to say “thank you” for a job well done. From personalised bottles to custom labels, there are many options available when choosing a gift that will impress your clients and colleagues.

Most people love celebrating achievements and milestones with a glass of bubbly. The fizzy and refreshing alcoholic beverage has been regarded as a celebratory drink since before 1789! And to this day it is regarded as a status symbol which can be enjoyed by business people and in casual settings.

So, if you’ve got a big event coming up at your organisation, why not invest in some of the finest corporate Champagne gifts? With personalised options, you’ll certainly raise some smiles with those glasses. By gifting Champagne to your hardest and most motivated workers, you’re showing them that their efforts are massively appreciated, and celebrated! Cheers to that.


Why Should You Invest in Corporate Champagne Gifts?

Top of a Champagne bottle placed in a crafted wooden box to be given as a corporate Champagne gift

When it comes to planning a business event, there are so many things to think about. What will people eat – buffet food or a three-course meal? Will you opt for entertainment or for a more educational angle with expert speakers from your industry? Local hotel venue or just outside the office on a sunny day?

No matter what style and setting you choose, corporate Champagne gifts are the perfect accompaniment. We touched slightly above on how gifting a bottle of bubbly can make your staff feel appreciated. Like with most gifts, it’s fun to give and receive. But there are added benefits with gifting your employees for achievements:

  • You can improve productivity through corporate gifts, which includes our incredible Champagne selection! Strong business relationships are integral to a company’s success and through gift giving you can improve these relationships.
  • By investing in corporate gifts, you’re demonstrating your investment in the brand and the business. You’re going out of your way to make your staff happy, and they will appreciate that and see that the brand is worth working hard for.
  • Increase brand awareness of your company with a personalised Champagne bottle which shows your company logo. If an employee receives a corporate gift from you, then they are likely to discuss it with their friends and family, shining a positive light on your brand.

Champagne makes a great corporate gift, because it’s affordable, most people enjoy it and it can be given at any time of year. With Say It With Champers’ bespoke design service, you can make that corporate gift extra special by personalising it with a photo of the team or with a tailored message. Read on to find out more about this.

The Perfect Corporate Gift: A Bottle of Bubbly with a Personalised Label

Say It With Champers corporate Champagne bottle with personalised label on a tray with two glasses

If you’re looking for something different than standard bottle labels, consider personalising them with your business’s logo or name, team photo or special message. This makes a great corporate gift for any occasion, whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, hitting sales targets, retirement, or just because.

Our in-house designer has years of experience and is on hand to help you through the process, producing the best finish for your corporate Champagne gift. You can see examples of our previous designs here, from Samsung to KFC!

We’re proud to have supplied the designs for these big brands who were looking to make an impact with their teams through our luxury Champagne. There’s something special about personalised gifts, showing that the purchaser went above and beyond to add a sense of individuality to the Champagne bottles.

We don’t just do personalisation for corporate gifts. If you’re looking for some luxury Champagne for a wedding or birthday for someone special who’s outside your office, then we can help there too.

What are the Other Different Types of Corporate Champagne Gifts?

Smartly dressed young waiter in a black tuxedo with white gloves holding a tray with two glasses of luxury Champagne

It’s easy to get lost in the world of Champagne. And if you’re looking to impress colleagues and staff at your next corporate event, then we appreciate that you want to get it right the first time! Thankfully, at Say It With Champers, we are Champagne enthusiasts and are happy to help with any advice or suggestions. You can get in touch here. 

All of our corporate Champagne gifts can be personalised with your logo and brand, or with a bespoke message and image. However, we have a variety of different flavours on offer to suit any taste.

Classic Brut

This Champagne is full of character, combining light, fresh, citrus fruit flavours. Discover the lively bubbles with a well balanced tangy finish thanks to extended ageing before release. When clients order corporate Champagne gifts from ourselves, the Classic Brut choice of bubbly is by far the most popular.

Rosé Champagne

With pretty red berry aromas and nutty notes, this bubbly has aromas of a cake along with some riper pear notes. With crisp apple acid and a long finish this is a yeasty, bready Champagne and is sure to dazzle and delight.

Premium Champagne


Premium Champagne is a fresh, lean style of Champagne with bright apple and lemon notes. It has a long fizz giving it more roundness and breadiness, with a firm mouth watering finish and a creamy texture. When you choose our premium Champagne for your corporate Champagne gifts it is a guaranteed match made in heaven!

English Sparkling Wine

English sparkling wine is a type of wine that is made in England. The process for making English sparkling wine is similar to the process for making French Champagne and Italian Spumante.



 Young colleagues outside at a work event dressed smartly enjoying some corporate gift Champagne


So if you’re looking to make a splash with some corporate gifts at your next business event, we hope this guide to Champagne has helped. To us, a celebration isn’t quite complete without a glass of luxury bubbly. It’s a drink commonly associated with good times, and never the bad.

We’ve supplied corporate champagne gifts to many big brands with successful businesses and hardworking employees. And we’re sure if they loved our Champagne, your team will too!

Corporate Champagne gifts make the perfect gift for many reasons, they are unique, classy and something that little bit different. We have all received gifts before but how many of them have had the wow factor? If you want a gift that is a guaranteed head turner, then look no further than corporate Champagne gifts.