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Corporate Champagne Presents


If you are looking for a corporate Champagne gifts that stand out from the crowd look no further as we have a stunning bespoke design service.



A bottle of corporate branded Champagne is the best gift you can give for staff rewards or to key clients. Champagne is the drink of celebration, and when we take this iconic drink and create a bespoke label around your branding, the result is a stunning gift that is guaranteed to dazzle & delight. Such a unique gift has the wow factor and is sure to please the recipient, and at an affordable price it means corporate Champagne gifts make the best possible corporate gift,



How It Works

1. Contact us with your requirements
2. We will design your label from scratch to match your corporate branding perfectly.
3. Approximately 2 weeks after payment we aim to ship your corporate Champagne gifts




We believe in simple, transparent pricing. All the pricing for our corporate Champagne gifts, includes the Champagne, label, printing and delivery.


Corporate Champagne Gifts

If you are looking for corporate Champagne gifts you have come to the right place as we specialise in custom corporate Champagne. Click on our shop to see examples of other bespoke corporate Champagne gifts we have completed for other corporate clients.

Corporate Champagne gifts are the great way to treat and delight your key contacts or clients. There is no better way to show your appreciation in a work environment than with corporate themed Champagne presents. Champagne is a premium product that is the symbol of celebration, so combining this with your branding in the corporate world makes the perfect corporate gift.

Anyone who has worked in the corporate environment will be aware that the use of corporate gifts is common practice in order to please a key contact. The form that corporate gifts can come in can vary wildly, it could be a bottle of wine, a hamper, an experience or even a ski trip abroad. Many of these are great and serve their purpose, and one other option we would like you to consider which you may not be aware of is corporate branded Champagne gifts. Corporate Champagne gifts make the perfect gift for a number of reasons which we will discuss in this article.

Corporate Champagne Types

Essentially, we give you three main options when it comes to corporate Champagne  gifts. You can either use one of our themed labels, for example if it is the birthday or the company for example. Or perhaps the business is having a Valentine’s themed event, or perhaps a number of your staff have passed their exams at the same time. Corporate Champagne gifts themed around the event or celebration are the perfect way to toast the special achievement.

These pre-designed exams are great and ready to use and make great corporate Champagne gifts, you simply add your custom text and your Champagne themed corporate gift is ready to go! We also have a logo upload option which will discuss in more detail later, and we do bespoke design which is by far our most popular option as far as Champagne or Prosecco corporate gifts go. We will give some examples of these type of corporate Champagne gifts later in this article.

personalised champagne corproate branded business

Corporate Champagne Gift Example

To help you appreciate how Champagne gifts in the corporate environment work, I will give examples of two recent sales we have had where companies have purchased Champagne with the corporate branding on them and given them as gifts. The potential for corporate Champagne gifts is enormous, essentially any company that wants to make someone feel special through a gift, corporate branded Champagne will be useful, and probably a more cost effective alternative to what they are currently using.

The first example involves a company that was holding a Valentine’s day ball for their head office staff. This company decided to throw a ball and hire out a hotel so the staff could retire there, have a few drinks and not worry about having to find their way home or worry about driving. For each of the bedrooms they put in there a Valentine’s themed bottle of Champagne, and with personalised messages around their company and the ball they were attending. Here they chose not to have corporate branding on the Champagne bottles, instead retaining the Valentine’s theme with corporate related messages.

Another example of corporate Champagne gifts used in this way relates to a large very well-known soft drinks manufacturer. At the end of the financial year they have some of their marketing budget to use up, and the solution was to do a bespoke label design around their corporate branding, put this on a Champagne bottle, and give a gift to all 45 of their head office staff in the form a surprise desk drop.

This drinks company was delighted with the result of these corporate themed Champagne gifts, however due to them not wanting to be associated with alcohol publicly we are unable to show images of the end result. Essentially if you imagine a can of a soft drink and the branding that you would see on there, and then imagine a Champagne bottle with that exact corporate branding, that is exactly how the corporate Champagne gifts ended up looking.

Corporate Champagne Presents

Corporate Champagne presents are great for a number of reasons, and these will be discussed now.

  • Champagne is the drink of celebration, so any corporate gift that involves Champagne will always be warmly received. Even better when that gift is personalised it makes the corporate Champagne gift that little bit better!
  • A good way to get your branding visible – when you gift a client or key contact and have your branding on there you are combining a gift that markets your business at the same time, and that is why a Champagne presents in the corporate environment make so much sense.
  • They are at the perfect price point, our RRP is £49.99, there are few gifts that you can provide that will bring a smile to their face at that price like a corporate branded Champagne present can.
  • Such a personalised Champagne corporate gift can be used for key contacts, clients, staff rewards any many other places so it proves to be a very versatile product.

It now makes sense to discuss some of the corporate branded Champagne presents we have done so you can see how they can benefit your own business.

Corporate Champagne Present

The first one I would like to discuss is a Falkirk FC branded one and can be ordered on our Falkirk FC page. This is a great example of a bespoke label design corporate branded Champagne present and can be seen below.

You can see here the matching top and bottom labels on this corporate Champagne present look great, and the stunning design matches the branding of Falkirk FC perfectly.

The top label of this present of corporate Champagne has the Falkirk logo on it, and the bottom has the stadium at the bottom in white with the 3 club colours being prominent throughout the design. As you can see they use this corporate Champagne presents to give as a Man of the Match award, they also have a similar one for Player of the Month, so you can see just how varied are the potential uses of a corporate Champagne gift.

To fully appreciate how good this Champagne corporate gift looks it is worth having a close up of the body label, which is shown below.

This Champagne corporate present is perfect for being presented at the end of the match, and furthermore there is the option for fans to get a piece of Falkirk memorabilia by ordering themselves personalised Falkirk branded Champagne!

Please remember that our personalised Champagne gifts used as corporate presents cannot be ordered through our website as they are totally bespoke and unique and musty be designed from scratch. Please contact us and we will liaise with you to make your perfect work themed Champagne present.

Champagne Corporate Gift

The next present of Corporate Champagne I would like to discuss is another bespoke label design, and this one was designed for a hotel and can be seen below.

Like the first example, we worked with the client who is a hotel that is local to us, we took their branding and turned the label into a perfect representation of how their branding looks. You can see there is their logo and editable text on the label which makes for a perfect corporate branded Champagne present, and this is exactly what they do as they give it away to customers who book an extended stay in their hotel.

The great design of the corporate style Champagne present cannot be fully appreciated until you see a closeup of the body label, and this is shown below.

You can see that great time and attention have gone into the design, with many fine details all combining to make a superb corporate Champagne themed present that anyone would love. Imagine booking a hotel and having this bottle of Champagne with your name on it waiting for you when you check in? Another great example of a Champagne gift in the corporate world is our BBX design, here they use it to reward their own clients for loyalty of service, and it makes a fantastic gesture to rewards their key contacts and show their appreciation in an appropriate manner.

Logo Upload Champagne

We have a range of templates available where you can upload a logo onto the front to make a simple but effective Champagne style corporate present. it makes sense to look at some of these so you can see how the corporate Champagne gifts actually.look.

Logo Corporate Champagne 01

This one has a golden border and looks great, this particular example can be ordered by clicking our corporate label page, and is shown below. If you are looking for your corporate Champagne gifts to look like the one you can see below, simply follow the steps on the link and complete the order.

You can see in this example it is the Say It With Champers logo that has been uploaded, this can be done in an instant and makes for a simple but effect corporate Champagne themed gift. Something like this has a very quick turnaround as there is no design work required, and the moment the order is placed your logo upload Champagne present used as a corporate gift can be dispatched immediately. A line of text can be added where you see the word “Champagne”, simply delete this to make the personalised present you desire.

Logo Corporate Champagne 02

This is another good example of a logo upload onto a Champagne present used as a corporate gift, it is shown below and can be ordered by click our corporate label page. If you want your corporate Champagne gifts to look like this, simply click the link and follow the simple instructions.

This logo onto the bottle works well as the logo is framed by the fancy border which adds to the effect. Again there is a line of text that can be added to personalise your Champagne present used as a corporate gift. These are great for easy giveaways or staff rewards for example, and with free standard 48 hr delivery you will have your customised Champagne corporate present in no time.

The beauty of the logo upload is not only that the turnaround is quick as there is no design work, but also it is a corporate Champagne present you can create yourself, you simply log onto the relevant section of the website, upload you r log, process the order, and your Champagne themed corporate gift is created!

Corporate Champagne Gifts Summary

If you are looking for a Champagne with your corporate branding on there, you can order through ourselves with the highest confidence. Our bespoke label design is being used by a number of businesses from local hotels all the way up to professional football clubs. Now you understand how we work and go about our business, we hope you see that you could not be in better hands when it comes to purchasing corporate Champagne gifts. Such corporate branded Champagne presents have such a wide potential market that you could use them for practically any occasion.

With top quality design work, great prices, incredible service and fantastic tasting Champagne, there can be no other place to order your corporate branded bubbly! Don’t forget about our great range of accessories if you want your corporate Champagne gifts to stand out from the crowd. Not only do our presentation boxes look great but we have something for every budget, but whichever you choose they are a great way to present your corporate bubbly and give your corporate client or key contact the Champagne present they deserve.

If you need any advice or help when it comes to the design of your corporate Champagne gifts, simply contact us and we will be happy to assist. Personalised Champagne makes for stunning corporate Champagne gifts, we all love bubbly, and there’s something about your branding on a bottle that gives a great feel. Even better is that you probably won’t find better value corporate gifts that corporate Champagne gifts!

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