Corporate Branded Gifts

If you are looking for corporate promotional gifts that will stand out from the crowd you have come to the right place. At Say It With Champers we have a wide range of corporate promotional gifts available including branded Champagne and high quality gift hampers. Why not contact us and let us know what corporate promotional gifts you require and we will be happy to assist.

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When it comes to buying corporate promotional gifts most companies have similar requirements, we would like a branded product, it has to be high quality and it needs to be enjoyed. Both the branded Champagne and hampers we create tick all these boxes and more so why not contact us today?

What is a corporate promotional gift and how can it work for you?

Corporate promotional gifts are items that are given away for free by companies. These gifts can be anything from branded pens and t-shirts, to branded USB sticks and mugs (and Champagne bottles, of course!). There are many different types of corporate promotional gifts out there, so you can find one that matches your business needs the best.

Some companies may offer discounts or other promotions if you purchase their products as a thank you for being one of their customers. This type of corporate promotional gift is called an incentive gift, which is something that motivates people to buy from them in order to receive a discount on their next purchase.

These gifts are one of the best ways companies can show appreciation for their customers, employees and business partners. And it doesn’t have to be a tangible gift. It could be vouchers or discounts that help to build customer loyalty. It’s also a great way to increase your company’s brand awareness, or to create a positive impression.

What are the Different Types of Corporate Promotional Gifts

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There are many types of promotional gifts that companies can choose from when they want to give out promotional products. The type of promotional gift that is chosen will depend on the company’s budget and the type of product they are trying to promote. Companies can choose from many different types of promotional gifts based on their budget and what they would like to promote.

Some common types include pens, mugs, keychains, t-shirts and reusable bags. At Say It With Champers, we offer one of the most unique and memorable corporate promotional gifts – our bespoke Champagne and mini-Prosecco bottles.

Through our expert design service, we can use your logo, company contact details, branding and messaging to create an eye-catching label which can also serve as a conversation piece. A bottle of luxurious bubble branded with your business makes for a fantastic corporate gift whether that’s to a hardworking staff member, a great customer or for lead generation at a trade show.

How to Determine Corporate Promotional Gift Budget

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Promotional items are often considered a cost-effective way of marketing to potential customers. But It is important for companies to determine the right budget for their promotional gift.

There are several factors that need to be taken into consideration when determining the budget. These factors include:

The target market of the company and the product they offer

The promotional gift should be one that would be well received by your company’s customer base. For example, if you are a retail store, one of the best corporate promotional gifts would be a money off voucher. This would encourage customers to return and purchase more. Vouchers tend to be on the lower end of the cost scale, but can become expensive if you are giving a lot of money off per customer.

If you’re offering a premium service or a high-ticket item, such as business software packages or cars, and have a large marketing budget, you could invest in gifts such as holidays as an incentive to buy.

For most companies, bespoke branded Champagne is a great choice. We can supply as many or as few bottles as you need to fit with any budget. Also, you can reduce costs further with our mini-Prosecco bottles but still get the same impact.

The general rule of thumb is the more the product or service you are selling costs, the more impressive your corporate promotional gift should be.

Market share in your industry

If you’re a market leader, you most likely have a large budget and a large customer base. This means that, depending on your strategy, you may want to reach a wide audience with your corporate promotional gift. You might attend the biggest trade shows with big foot fall.

These factors can impact how large your corporate promotional gift budget should be. A wider net needs more investment – but if you have the budget, it can be worth it.

Companies with a smaller market share tend to have a smaller group of customers, so you’ll need lower quantities of gifts. In this instance, it’s best to run short campaigns with limited gifts available, analyse to see if it was a success, and if it was, look to expand the campaign.

Marketing strategy

Your marketing strategy is a decisive factor for your corporate promotional gift budget. Depending on your approach, you’ll want to factor in certain elements which can impact cost. For example, if you are a purely online business with no shop front or office, you’ll most likely be looking for online promotional gifts (such as event days, holiday vouchers and discounts). The alternative is to post out the gifts which could become costly!

If you exhibit at events and trade shows, or even hold regular seminars at a physical location, you have the opportunity to give away large quantities to visitors. However, you do need to consider your storage space. You need enough to meet demand, but not so much that your corporate gifts start spilling out into the aisle! It’s a good idea to ask the event organisers how much you can store.

Then you can work out the quantity you need based on their average footfall. With this estimate, you then have a better idea of the budget you require. If you’re an online store with a warehouse, you may have plenty of space to store the gifts to send out on an order-by-order basis. This reduces the cost of postage as you are already sending items out, however the weight will be taken into consideration.

How to Choose What Promotional Gift Fits Your Business Needs?

Corporate promotion gift Champagne bottle with a bespoke branded label for Samsung by Say It With Champers

The key to success is finding a gift that suits the recipient’s needs and interests. For example, if you know someone who likes travelling, you can choose something like a voucher for an airline company or a hotel chain. Or if they’re interested in sport, you could give them tickets or vouchers for sporting events.

Some companies need promotional products that will last a long time, while others may need something more affordable. It is also important to think about the company’s budget when choosing the right promotional gift.

Choosing the right one is just like any other decision in business, you need to consider what your goals are and what kind of customer you want to reach. The corporate promotional gifts that we specialise in are bespoke Champagne and mini-Prosecco bottle labels. We’ve worked we’ve many major brands including:

We strongly believe that bespoke Champagne makes an ideal corporate promotional gift for most companies. It’s affordable and can leave a lasting impression.

Conclusion: The Bottom Line on Corporate Promotional Gifts

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Corporate promotional gifts are a great way to increase your brand awareness and get your name out there. These gifts can be in the form of branded products, like pens, t-shirts or mugs, or they could be in the form of gift cards.

Regardless of what type of corporate promotional gift you choose, there are a few things you should keep in mind before purchasing them.

– What is the budget for these gifts?

– What company do you work for?

– Who is your target audience?

No matter your budget, you can make a positive impression with branded Champagne bottles. If this is something you’d like to learn more about, please don’t hesitate to contact us regarding your corporate promotional gifts today.

We are happy to source any corporate promotional gifts that you require, whether it be branded Champagne or mini Prosecco. It could be ecommerce style cardboard mini hampers, or 18 inch wicker hampers lined with wood wool. We also provide wine and chocolates themed corporate promotional gifts, and whatever you require it can be delivered in bulk to one location or shipped direct to the recipients.

We pride ourselves on not only fantastic service, but supplying a high end product that is guaranteed to dazzle and delight, So if you are wanting corporate promotional gifts that stand out from the crowd, get in touch today and we will be happy to assist with your corporate event today. We can also ship internationally, so if you require corporate gifts shipping to Europe and further afield simply let us know and we will do the rest.