Drinking the perfect wine with style

BODEGA43 was born out of passion. Passion for wine that we love to share.

Out of this passion with tasting and comparing exactly the same wines, aged for years under different circumstances, we discovered that the best place to store wines is not a normal celler. 

The reason? 

The temperature and humidity. Even in a cellar these two base units are difficult to combine. The ideal storage temperature for wine is 10-12 degrees Celsius, 12 months per year, year after year. Only a celler deep in the earth might have this ideal combination. But even if you are one of the happy few to possess such a cellar, after years the humidity damages your labels.

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In BODEGA43 you can store your fine wines under ideal circumstances for years so that your fine wines will achieve perfect ripeness.The slower the aging of wine, the better the fruit will be preserved, the more time tannins will have to decrease. Both balance and finesse will profit from this slow aging. Because you can modify the humidity, there is enough humidity to preserve the corche and to prevent it from drying out, so that it will stay flexible, while at the same time the air inside your wine cooler is dry enough to let the labels appear after many years as if the bottle has just been labelled. This is what you need if you consider at some moment to sell your fine wines at an auction at top prices.

As wine drinking is becoming more popular, the demand for wine accessories will also rise. Wine lovers need to be able to store their favourite collection and treat it with love in order to maintain the precious wine quality. Cooling systems will be needed to establish this dream. Wine cellars, wine coolers, wine racks, household refrigerators. 


Wine needs to be protected against uv-light, temperature changes, vibration, humidity changes, wrong placing. Disturbing the balance of these factors will disturb the wine texture, quality and taste. You don’t want to ruin your precious wine because of treating it wrong.

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Which option should you consider to keep your wine bottles happy living and excellent tasting? 

Wine cellars are huge and need lots of space. Do you have this space, fine go for it (if the budget allows it)! Wine cellars can create stable temperatures, the right humidity, reduce vibration and presents you a dark uv-light free surrounding. Wine racks are meant for storing your wine bottles that can be held at room temperature. What to do with your wine that needs to be cooled? Wine coolers will do the job. Household fridges are made for storing food and drinks. The negative aspect of these devices is that it can’t be controlled at specific temperatures and storing your food and wine in the same fridge will mess up the stable temperature.

As household fridges are opened often, to grab some food or other drinks, the temperature and humidity will be disturbed constantly. Wine coolers on the other hand, are specifically designed for storing and treating wine with the right techniques. These devices can be found in many sizes, with many options and suit every situation. From stand-alone, counter-top, built-in wine cooler into your kitchen. It offers many solutions to your desires for a big or low/normal budget. CDA wine cooler or Caple wine cooler are nice examples of big distributed devices that are sold worldwide. Wine coolers offer single-temperature zone, dual-zone and even triple-zone wine cooling. How many temperature zones you need largely depends on what you’re using your wine cooler for: storage, serving or both.

Do I really need a wine cooler? 

Do you struggle with this question? Then the change exists that you have enough interest in wine to make purchasing a wine cooler a sound investment. If you’re taking the time to buy and try a variety of wines, it’s worth experiencing them at their best. Serving wine at the correct temperature will allow you to fully experience its flavours, aromas and body.