The Best Luxury Champagnes

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Luxurious Champagne Choices

Cristal or Dom Pérignon, 2 great luxury Champagnes to choose from? Your choice could be quite revealing, but should you choose neither of these luxurious Champagnes, and answer with something like “I’ll have Selosse”, it could reveal even more.
Either way these are all very good quality Champagne from some of the top Champagne brands in the world and you will not be disappointed, and I’m sure you would love to have these top Champagne for your personalised Champagne gift, currently we do not stock these expensive Champagnes, but we are looking for new Champagne houses to stock for the future.

Prestige Luxury Champagne

There are many great prestige cuvées of Champagne to choose from in the world, and many great opulent Champagnes, and if your selection was Jacques Selosse, it clearly displays that you are familiar with the best Champagne houses and top Champagne brands. Prestige cuvées, however, are a different kettle of fish altogether, when we venture into this domain, the Champagne houses are very important, and it is no longer just about being a top quality Champagne brand, here image is of equal importance, and often all people want is an expensive Champagne.

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Personalised Champagne bottle label

This is not the sort of Champagne that you would send Champagne by post, it is likely to be for investment potential. however if you really want such a luxury Champagne brand for your personalised Champagne gift, let us know and we will source whatever top Champagne brand you desire.

Luxury Champagne Balance

When it comes to getting a good balance of flavour and image Veuve Clicquot‘s choice to tinker with the blend of LA Grande Dame is one of the best examples, it was its prestige cuvée after all and a great extravagant Champagne. A very bold move from them indeed, the reason being that prestige cuvées have an undeniable link to the non-vintage that the producer has made.

Here the non vintage expresses the style of the Champagne house whether it is a luxurious Champagne or not, the vintage on the other hand, has a free reign to express itself, but with the prestige cuvée the style of the Champagne house becomes evident.

These prestige cuvées of the top Champagne brands and best Champagne houses will select only the finest grapes in search of their opulent Champagne, the blending is done with utmost diligence and aged to absolute perfection, and you can trust these luxury Champagnes as they will always be the best quality Champagne money can buy.

You won’t be challenged by these wines from certain Champagne houses, in the way you might be byBillecart-Salmon’s Cuvée Sous Bois for example. Should you want one of these Champagnes for your personalised Champagne gift, just let us know and we will source it for you.

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Personalised Champagne bottle label

Luxury Champagne Composition

One notable change with Grande Dame from the 2008 version, and most certainly the main factor is the change in makeup of the Pinot Noirit was previously 60% and is now 92%. The original thought process was to make it a Blanc De Noirs, however at 100% the balance wasn’t quite right and they weren’t getting the extravagant Champagne they were hoping for.

The 8% that was substituted was Chardonnayand this was essential to give it complexity and freshness, and the result was not only a top Champagne brand, but also the luxurious Champagne they were looking for. Currently no company in the UK supplies this for a personalised Champagne gift, should you want this opulent Champagne for your personalised Champagne gift, let us know and we will send Champagne like this to you on direct delivery.

Personalised Champagne Wedding Gift UK Delivered Birthday Anniversay Proposal Graduation Hen Party

Serving Champagne

And the main reason for such a change to this luxury Champagne? The predominant reason was the need for differentiation in a congested prestige-cuvée market. Veuve Clicquot want to push sales of Grande Dame, and this change grants them a USP and helps make their extravagant Champagne stand out from other luxurious Champagnes. If you want Grande Dame for your personalised Champagne gift, please let us know and we will do our best to source this opulent Champagne for you.

Luxury Champagne USP

For a luxury Champagne, a USP is crucial, image counts for so much. Some extravagant Champagne brands will opt for a clear glass bottle for example, a move like this can do wonders to the image of a luxurious Champagne brand, it does have a downside though as a light strike can spoil an opulent Champagne in very little time at all.

For this reason Cristal adopted the wrapping they put around their own luxury Champagne, so take heed whenever a restaurant choose to take off the wrapping of the extravagant Champagne you have chosen to reveal the bottle in its naked beauty. Another notable luxurious Champagne to highlight are Clos des Goisses.

Personalised Champagne Wedding Gift UK Delivered Birthday Anniversay Proposal Graduation Hen Party

Glass of Champagne


When it comes to the ‘go-to’ prestige cuvée and opulent Champagne, the usual choice is Dom Pérignon. A top Champagne brand Dom Perignon is without doubt, and rightly so, at the forefront of what is regarded as being a luxury Champagne. Their marketing has made it the go to Champagne that you should drink if you are celebrating, and is seen as the ultimate extravagant Champagne.

Luxury Champagne Branding

Their branding is great, and such that it probably wouldn’t be suitable as a personalised Champagne gift, as it would mean removing their almost legendary shield like label on the front. However, should you want the luxurious Champagne Dom Perignon for your personalised Champagne gift, let us know and we will happily oblige.
champagne bottle gift present bubbly sparkling wine drink birtday
The very first prestige cuvée, and in reality the first opulent Champagne was Cristal, which was first produced back in 1876. Dom Perignon released its first vintage and luxury Champagne in 1921, and year by year evolved into the top Champagne brand that it is today. for these Champagne houses such extravagant Champagnes are a gradual process of slowly perfecting their product.
Another top Champagne brand to release a luxurious Champagne is Bollinger who released Récemment Dégorgé which was under their 1952 vintage. If you want the opulent Champagne from Bollinger as a personalised Champagne gift, please let us know and we will do our best to send Champagne like through the post.

Luxurious Champagne

When you think of a luxury Champagne Dom Perignon is one of the safest choices you can make. It is famously named after a monk from the period, and it is the extravagant Champagne that sells the most in volume. At many of the top private clubs around the globe Dom Perignon is the luxurious Champagne that will no doubt about on the top Champagne brands menu, unless the individual prefers a Blanc de Blancs and they would probably select a Dom Ruinart

Opulent Champagne

Those who are in the know about opulent Champagne may well select Krug, in the middle East the popular choice seems to be Cristal as far as luxury Champagne is concerned. The extravagant Champagne of Choice in Asia is the top Champagne brand Perrier-Jouët with Belle Époque being the label of choice. In nightclubs the obvious luxurious Champagne is Luminous from Dom Perignon, simply because it is an opulent Champagne that looks great in the dark.

Luminous is a great idea, on this luxury Champagne all you do is press a button at the bottom of the bottle and the whole label lights up. A great show off drink as it alerts everyone that you can afford to drink an extravagant Champagne. In Hong Kong the image is massively important, if someone were to buy a luxurious Champagne they would always make sure the label is facing the room so everyone knows the top Champagne brand that the person is drinking.

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Glasses of Champagne

Opulent Champagne Taste

For some people, taste is more important, although it appears these sort of people are a fading breed when it comes to opulent Champagne. A Bollinger RD may be the choice of tipple for these sort of people, in recent times the taste of this luxury Champagne is a more vibrant and fresher aroma. Dom Perignon has quite a tight taste on release, with Cristal being somewhere between the two.

Taittingers creamy Chardonnay extravagant Champagne is a fine prestige cuvée, and there is the Comtes de Champagne luxurious Champagne which is a Blanc de Blancs which has deep flavours for the palate. Another great opulent Champagne is Grand Siècle by Laurent-Perrier, the grape composition is roughly half Chardonnay and tends to be multi-vintage.

For those who aren’t aware, multi vintage is the expensive version of titling it non-vintage, they are the same thing except a luxury Champagne that is multi vintage will cost much more than a non-vintage. Another example of a multi vintage extravagant Champagne is Krug.

Personalised Champagne Wedding Gift UK Delivered Birthday Anniversay Proposal Graduation Hen Party

Luxurious Champagne Flavours

If you seek the aromas of white flowers, then your luxurious Champagne of choice should be Belle Époque by Perrier-Jouet. So if you want any of these opulent Champagnes for your personalised Champagne gift, please advise which of these top Champagne brands you desire and we will do our best to source it for you.

Gosset Celebris is a fine luxury Champagne that you must try, the grapes composition is slightly over half Chardonnay, with powerful flavours for the palate, one thing to note about this top Champagne brand is that it does not have the malolactic fermentation stage. Chardonnay at times can have some very strong flavours indeed, Ruinart is a good example of a Champagne house where this is the case.

The flavours tend to be more powerful when the top Champagne brands are heavier on the Pinot Noir grapes. Pol Roger Sir Winston Churchill is a good example of an extravagant Champagne where this is the case. Billecart-Salmon is another luxurious Champagne you wouldn’t typically use as a personalised Champagne gift but has a mineral, weighty texture to it, with Nicholas-François Billecart as the prestige cuvée.

William Deutz is largely a Pinot Noir Champagne with some similar associated wines such as Pinot Noir Parcelles d’Ay. These is another great opulent Champagne with a discreet flavour that marks itself as a top Champagne brand.

Krug Champagne

Another Champagne house has turned their luxury Champagne prestige cuvée into another wine. If you are after a very expensive Champagne, and one of the top Champagne brands, then Krug with Collection and Cristal with Vinothèque would be great choices. Another one to release another version is Moet called Grand Vintage Collection.

Then, these can be in different forms, for example special bottlings, the 2002 special edition of Bollinger is an extravagant Champagne that is a great example of this, it even came in a gun shaped box with combination lock in James Bond style, and the combination code was 007! Now that luxurious Champagne would make a great personalised Champagne birthday gift.

An opulent Champagne like these are great investment material and can make a hefty return for the owner. If you are looking to invest in a luxury Champagne, we would advise that you look no further than Dom Perignon, Cristal, Single-cru Salon Le Mesnil, Philipponat’s Clos des Goisses, Bollinger RD and Krug Vintage.

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Personalised Champagne bottle label

Certain industry experts point to the Dom Perignon of 2002 that the investment market really took off. An extravagant Champagne like this was always going to make money, a great wine from a great year. So when it comes to a luxurious Champagne of this sort, the question isn’t really about whether or not you should buy it, but more whether or not you should drink it.

Failing that, if you choose not to purchase an opulent Champagne, why not treat yourself to a personalised Champagne gift, you can rest assured if you want a top Champagne brand you will not be left disappointed with this unique Champagne gift idea.