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20cl Prosecco Bottles


Whether you are looking for bulk mini Prosecco bottles for an event or whether you want them branded with your logo you have come to the right place.



Corporate branded miniature Prosecco bottles are the perfect way to toast a corporate event. You might want to put them in hampers and give to staff or key contacts, or perhaps you want a large volume of mini Prosecco bottles as they come. Whatever your requirements we are happy to help and will source what you want as quickly as possible. We also have themed mini Prosecco bottles which are great as staff giveaways and desk drops.



How It Works

1. Contact us to tell us your requirements.
2. We will design your corporate branded label for your event or take your bulk mini Prosecco order.
3. Turnaround is quick, for corporate branded bubbly from payment to receipt of goods it is approximately 2 weeks.




We believe in simple, transparent pricing. The price you see is the price you pay, and don’t forget all Champagne orders come with free 48hr delivery!


Mini Prosecco Bottles

Whether you are looking to bulk buy some mini Prosecco bottles in bulk or you want some corporate branded bottles for an event you have come to the right place, simply contact us to discuss your requirements and we will be happy to help. For large volumes of unbranded bottles our prices can be as low as £2.22 per bottle, so get in touch and let us know what you need. We also have a great range of mini Prosecco to choose from with a number of fantastic designs, all of which can be personalised by adding your custom text onto the label.

All our mini Prosecco designs are unique to ourselves, and with our fantastic pricing and great service, you will not find better value personalised Prosecco gifts anywhere on the market. The Prosecco itself tastes great, the brand is ‘Fantinel’, it is an extra dry Prosecco that is also suitable for vegans and vegetarians. The bubbly itself light and crisp while being full of character, and makes the perfect accompaniment to whatever occasion you or your business is celebrating.

Mini Prosecco Bottles Bulk

There is no limit at all as to how many bottles of mini prosecco you can buy from us. If you want to bulk buy your miniature Prosecco bottles, that is fine by us. All we ask is that you contact us so that we can order the stock in if your required amount exceeds what we hold. Our small bottles of Prosecco are ordered from a UK importer who have plenty of stock on hand, this of course means we have a quick turnaround for your bulk mini Prosecco bottles order.

The great thinking about bulk buying your mini Prosecco bottles, is that reduce prices come with bulk purchases! Not only will you get a great Prosecco, fantastic designs, and amazing service, but crazy low prices for your bulk Prosecco order will mean you get a fantastic value package. We are happy to ship your bulk miniature Prosecco bottle order direct to yourselves or to your client, all our packaging Is unmarked so you will have no issues if you don’t want to reveal the source of the purchase.

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Corproate Mini Prosecco

We will ship any volume of mini Prosecco you require and your order can be shipped to yourselves or can be shipped direct. If price is important then we recommend our Galanti range, it can be described as easy drinking and represents excellent value for money, when it comes to looking for great value mini Prosecco bottles these are the ones you want. This is our best value type of min Prosecco, and with prices as low as £2.22 per bottle for very large orders, we believe this is the best value mini Prosecco you will find.

For those who want the highest quality small bottles of Prosecco we recommend the Mionetto which is shown below.


If you are looking for high quality the Mionetto is for you, for very large orders this is available from £2.65 per bottle, which for a drink that looks and taste as great is this represents excellent value.


Miniature Prosecco

Bottles of miniature Prosecco are becoming increasingly popular these days for a number of reasons. Mini Prosecco is perceived as being fun, they are the perfect price point for gifting, and when you add the personal touch in many ways they are the perfect corporate gift. There are numerous brands available, and you can pick them up in your local Aldi, Asda, Costco, Lidl, Morrisons, Sainsbury or Tesco. Our particular brand however we believe to be the pick of all of them simply due to the quality of the drink within.

This particular miniature bottle of Prosecco has been described as aromas of honeysuckle and yellow stone fruit, with a fresh acidity backed up by ripe apricot with an essence of sweet ripe peach. We have tasted and tested numerous miniatures bottles of Prosecco and this was our clear winner. It tastes great and it looks like it should. The mini Prosecco bottle and foil and very reminiscent of a Champagne bottle, so if you want a mini version bottle of Prosecco at a fraction of the price of Champagne, then choose yours today!

Miniature Bottles of Prosecco

When it comes to buying bottles of miniature Prosecco, look no further as we have a great range for you to choose and personalise to gift your friends and family. We have selected all the most popular occasions and tailored them for your special day, you simply need to add your custom text to your small bottles of Prosecco and we will do the rest. For example, we have a traditional classic design mini Prosecco bottle. The great thing with this design is that it has a neutral appearance so you can use it for whatever occasion you see fit, whether it is an anniversary, birthday, graduation or wedding, simply tailor the mini Prosecco bottle to your own needs.


The bottle shown above is our celebration themed mini Prosecco bottle. This is perfect if you are having a gathering or party, it could be an anniversary or birthday party for example, and you want something that adds that little bit of glitz and glamour to the proceedings. A bottle of mini Prosecco like the one shown above makes a stunning gift, it is different, unique and of course looks and tastes great.

The design of this bubbly means you could use it for any occasion you see fit, for example it could be a retirement party, perhaps someone has graduated or got married – whatever the occasion you can do no wrong with this fantastic personalised miniature Prosecco gift. These are the finishing touches that make all the difference and help your event stand out from the crowd. You can order your own unique design if you want something that is specific, simply let us know and we will do the rest.

Small Bottles of Prosecco

Small Prosecco bottles make the perfect gift for a number of reasons. They are a great size, all mini Prosecco bottles this sort of size look cute and fun, there is something about them that we all just love. I guess it is nice knowing you can have a full one to yourself and not feel the effects the next morning! Small sized bottles of sparkling wine or Prosecco are also the perfect price point. There’s not much you can buy at that price which contains alcohol and is personalised at the same time! The bottle you can see below is our graduation themed mini Prosecco bottle.

The great thing is that a small bottle of Prosecco can also be used for businesses. All too often companies are looking for a corporate gift or staff reward to their employees that is a little bit different. They could easily treat them all to a Christmas themed one for example, something like that at Christmas is bound to being a smile to their faces and has the added bonus of not costing much! Companies can also have a bespoke label design created, which would be perfect at events or for welcoming new staff for examples. If there is one thing better than miniature Prosecco bottles, it is small Prosecco bottles that are branded around the company!

Personalised Small Prosecco Bottles

Small bottles of Prosecco that have been customised for a particular occasion like a birthday are the great new way to treat your friends and family. When you buy our mini bottles of Prosecco in bulk, and when combined with our new customer offer which you can activate by subscribing to our newsletter, you can receive your miniature Prosecco bottles personalised around your special event for as little as £6.50 per bottle, and that includes the delivery! Simply subscribe to our mini Prosecco bottle newsletter which you will find on our contact page, place your mini Prosecco customised order, and we will do the rest!

20 cl Prosecco Bulk Buy

No mini Prosecco order is too large for us to process, if you have a large quantity you wish to purchase for an event like a birthday through ourselves, please contact us and we will happily discuss your requirements. We are happy to discuss the purchase of bulk miniature Prosecco bottles that have been customised. For example, if you have a large wedding, or a large graduation intake within your business, then speak to us and a bulk buy of small Prosecco bottles can be arranged. Alternatively, if you want to buy wholesale min Prosecco bottles that haven’t been personalised, this can also be arranged.

Cheap Mini Prosecco Bottles

If you are looking for mini Prosecco bottles for an occasion like a graduation or birthday that are both affordable and high quality, then you have come to the right place. Even on small quantities you can purchase then for £8.40 each, and that includes the bubbly, the label and the postage and packing. When you deduct our new customer offer off that price, you will be buying our miniature Prosecco bottles at a very cheap price of just £6.79! You will not find better value small Prosecco bottles from anywhere else, so customise yours and give your event or occasion the perfect finishing touch.


Personalised Mini Prosecco Summary

Now that you have read our article about miniature Prosecco bottles that can be personalised, we hope you agree that our range represents the best value that is currently available. With fantastic designs, great bubbly and cheap prices, you simply will not find better value customised mini Prosecco bottles anywhere else. Cheap small bottles of Prosecco don’t come around like this very often, so order yours today and we will do the rest! Don’t forget, all our miniature bottles of Prosecco can easily be posted, so don’t delay and order yours today!

Miniature bottles of Prosecco can be bought from us either unbranded or with your corporate logo and colours on. Bulk buying of mini Prosecco bottles means we can offer you some great rates for your purchase. Whether you want just one 20cl Prosecco bottle or 1000 bottles, we will source you a bubbly that is high quality and of course at a reasonable price. Let us know what your requirements are and we will deliver direct or to your customer.

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