The World’s Most Expensive Champagne

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Buying Expensive Champagne

If the top Champagne houses have done one thing correctly, then for sure it is their marketing. The fact that we are willing to pay large sums of money for a fine Champagne from one of the top Champagne brands is thanks to these companies telling us we have to do so.

People think nothing about buying an expensive Champagne, even a cheap Champagne will be £15 or more. The top Champagne brands like Cristal, Krug and Dom Perignon more or less created the concept of having a brand in wine, and they have achieved the goal of making sure their luxury Champagne maintains its status.

Champagne Investment

Another interesting aspect to the fine Champagne of today is that they are becoming interesting to people in relation to being an investment. The markets show that in the last 6 years the indices in relation to luxury Champagne brands have risen over 30%. A luxury Champagne is very appealing, and luxury Champagnes are readily available at the click of a button too which adds to the appeal.

Below is what we believe are the top 10 most expensive Champagnes currently available to be delivered the next working day, this list is only concerned with standard release fine Champagnes rather than limited editions.

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Bottle of Champagne

10.) Dom Perignon – Rosé from 2004 – circa £250

Is there anyone left in the world who hasn’t heard of Dom Perignon yet? This top Champagne brand is arguably the most recognisable luxury Champagne in the world. The story behind it is great too, being named after the monk who was the first to blend Champagne. This particular fine Champagne has a rich history also, this was the fine Champagne chosen at the wedding of Charles and Diana.

Other notable fans are Leonardo Di Caprio and Marilyn Monroe among many others. The Brut tends to be the go-to choice, their Rose however tastes much better. So, if you are looking for a luxury Champagne to be delivered the next working day, then this is a great choice.

9.) Armand de Brignac – Rosé – Ace of Spades – circa £350

This luxury Champagne has gained popularity in recent years, largely in part due to its appearance in rap videos, often seen being drunk by Jay-z. This fine Champagne is largely made up of Pinot Noir grapes, with an incredible balance, freshness and concentration of fruit. It is quite an expensive Champagne though so prepare yourself if you would like to try this great Champagne.

8.) Salon – Blanc de Blancs – 1996 – circa £400

Don’t let how this fine Champagne looks deceive you, the rather understated appearance doesn’t do this luxury Champagne justice in my opinion. Salon tend only to release one cuvée, and this also applies to their finest vintages. This contrasts to the other top Champagne houses who release a NV each year among their top Champagne brands.

It was only in 1921 that this Champagne house was founded, and that was by Eugene Salon. and this particular Blanc de blanc is regarded as the best Chardonnay based Champagne, alongside the fine Champagne Krug – Clos du Mesnil. The mousse of this Champagne is incredibly soft, with a fantastic taste and a great smell to match. These bottles are in high demand, so you may need to shop around if you want Champagne to be delivered the next working day.

7.) Louis Roederer – 2007 – Cristal Rosé – circa £450

Cristal is a luxury Champagne that everyone knows these days, although to a certain extent has been associated with luxury bling which is an image it probably doesn’t desire. Beyond that though, the luxury Champagne itself has a great history behind it, this fine Champagne was originally made for the Russian Tsar, which was Alexander II back in 1876. It is one of the most desired Champagnes from the region and is a particularly elegant luxury Champagne.

6.) Jacques Selosse – Blanc de Blancs – Millésime Grand Cru – circa £750

This luxury Champagne has been given almost legendary status amongst the wine growers. This particular Champagne is usually released either as a Brut or Extra-Brut depending on the vintage in question. They also release a fine Champagne in the form of a Blanc de Blancs that is a vintage, this is sourced from two vineyards that are located in Avize, Les Chantereines and also Le Mont de Cramant. Selosse opts to use oak for every stage in the fermentation process rather than steel, which adds to the incredible flavour of the fruit that is present in this luxury Champagne. This Champagne is particularly sought after, although if you are looking to have Champagne delivered the next working day you may need to find a specialist seller as this is not as wide spread as the likes of Dom Perignon for example.

5.) Krug – Clos du Mesnil – 2003 – circa £900

This top Champagne house has been producing some fine Champagnes from well before living memory. It was founded back in 1840 by Johann-Josef Krug and now is one of the symbols of luxury and is a great advert for a luxury Champagne. The Champagne itself is fantastic and will age for years if not decades and is a true example of a luxury Champagne. Their vineyard, Clos de Mesnil, was replanted back in 1971, and in 1979 released the best Blanc de Blanc produced. Incredible balance and finesse, with an incredibly creamy texture.

4.) Bollinger – Vieilles Vignes Françaises – 1996 – circa £1500

One of the most famous Champagne houses of France, and certainly one of the top Champagne brands that exist. Numerous famous individuals have declared themselves fans of this luxury Champagne, including Queen Victoria and James Bond. This fine Champagne is largely Pinot Noir and prices are very high due to the quality and scarcity of the luxury Champagne. The reason this fine Champagne is so scare is that only 250 cases of it are produced, and these come from the village of Ay which is Grand Cru. It sets itself apart from every other Champagne on the market due to the intensity of the flavours.

3.) Krug – Clos D’Ambonnay – 1996 – circa £2000

Krug is a luxury Champagne and has been a favourite of the rich and famous for as long as it has been around, and also popular amongst those who like to drink a fine Champagne in order to alert the world of their new found status. The 100% Blanc de Noirs cuvée which comes from the Ambonnay vineyard, which incidentally is perhaps the top Pinot Noir vineyard in the Champagne region.

When it was launched in 2007, this vintage from 1995 scared some individuals as it is clearly a very expensive Champagne, but they only produced 3000 bottles of their luxury Champagne. Due to the rarity of this Champagne, you might be hard pressed to find this available for purchase, you may need to source from France.

2.) Boerl & Kroff Brut – 1998 – Magnum – crica £2750

This Champagne is regarded as the connoisseurs Champagne, the Champagne house in question is Boerl & Kroff and is part of the Drappier family. it has established itself as one of the top Champagne brands and is largely for the most elite of the rich and famous. it was back in 1995 that Michel Drappier separated the best fruit from their unique vineyards and release this brand new luxury Champagne. Every year only 3000 magnums of this luxury Champagne are created.

1.) Gout de Diamants – translated as (Taste of Diamonds) – circa £1,500,000

This is by far and away the most expensive Champagne that money can buy. This typifies what you associate with opulence, and this is the creation of Shammi Shinh, who is the owner of various luxury chains in London. The luxury Champagne itself is is made from Grand Cru grapes from a village called Oger, which is owned by the Chapuy family. What makes this luxury Champagne such an expensive Champagne is the Swarovski crystal which is located in the middle of a bottle designed around the shape of a diamond.