Bottomless Champagne

It might not be a personalised Champagne label, a Champagne gift or even a unique qift, but we love the sound of this!

Don’t think about gravy trains… this train brings you endless expensive Champagne!

A restuarant in Soho enetiled ‘Burger and Lobster’ is introducing a unlimited Champagne brunch where you can drink as much Champagne as you wish. This is accompanied with a 9 metre train that serves the Champagne. Although this isn’t exactly a personalised Champagne gift, or next day Champagne delivery, it makes a great alternative if you are looking for something different.

It works out to be an expensive Champagne brunch though, so be warned that it comes with  a £25 premium onto the usual brunch price. Still a lot better value than using National Rail! As good as it is you have to go there, as they don’t supply any expensive Champagne on next day Champagne delivery.

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