Give the Gift of a Personalised Champagne Bottle

If you are looking for a personalised Champagne gift with a difference you have come to the right place as Say It With Champers specialise is personalised bottles of bubbly for any occasion. Whether it is an anniversary, birthday, wedding or whatever the occasion, a personalised Champagne gift is the best way to dazzle and delight your loved ones, Why not browse our collection today and see for yourself?

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A personalised Champagne bottle is the perfect gift for a birthday. The recipient will be able to celebrate their day with one of  their favourite drinks and they will also have a lovely keepsake from the occasion. It is easy to personalise a Champagne bottle with a message, photo or design of your choice. Or whatever you think the recipient would choose! 

Woman in a dress dancing with a glass of Champagne celebrating her birthday 

One of the fine things about Champagne is the luxury status it has obtained throughout history. For celebrations, it was originally drunk by those in the royal court of Europe back before 1789. It quickly became considered as a status symbol for the wealthy. From there, bottles have been broken against the hull of ships to mark a maiden voyage and smashed on the floor too!  It’s no wonder bubbly is still incredibly popular for many big occasions.

Most people like to feel appreciated, especially on a birthday. With a bottle of Champagne, and it’s luxurious image, you’re likely to help them feel that way upon receiving the gift.And with personalisation, you go that extra mile. Not only have you selected a gift that will go down well, you’re showing you cherish memories and moments with that person.

And even if it’s not for a birthday, a personalised Champagne bottle can be given for other celebrations from anniversaries to job promotion parties. Either way, it’s good to ask some questions to help you come up with an idea for personalisation.

3 questions you must ask yourself before designing a personalised Champagne gift

Customised birthday Champagne with a congratulations message from Say It With Champers

When creating a personalised product for a birthday gift, naturally you’ll need to use your imagination, more so than you would when choosing something off the shelf. It can be quite daunting to come up with an idea and feel confident enough with it that the recipient will appreciate it. 

That’s why we are here to help – whether that’s through articles like this on the Say It With Champers blog, or through communications between you and our designers. We appreciate that some people prefer to do their own research online as opposed to chatting over the phone to get the information.

And that’s why we’ve put together these three important questions that you can ask when coming up with a personalised birthday message.

1. What is the occasion?

If you’ve read this far, we’ve definitely narrowed it down to a birthday – but what kind of birthday is it? Is it a special milestone occasion such as an exhilarating 21st or a more chilled 60th? Or vice versa!? We all know some older party animals!

It’s important that the messaging you opt for on the customised Champagne bottle label reflects the type of birthday. If it is for someone older, then maybe text highlighting the achievements they have had throughout their life would be a nice touch. 

Whether you’re a colleague, family member or friend there can be many goals to celebrate. For example, you can go for a message of recognition in the workplace, helping a company grow. Or you could include a photo of that charity skydive they got involved with.   

2. What is the recipient’s personality?

Are they bubbly when they’re drinking bubbly? Are they quite relaxed? Or are they very serious? 

Depending on the recipient’s personality, the look of the personalised Champagne bottle can differ. If they like a joke, you could include a comedic message across the bottle label – make sure it’s a good one though!

Or you could even choose colours that suit their personality. Bright colours are usually a hit when the recipient is outgoing and enjoys being social.If you’re struggling to select a palette from personality, maybe match the colours to something they like? 

3. What are their interests?

As mentioned above, you can create a colour scheme for the personalised Champagne birthday bottle based on their interests. This could be the theme colours from the intro to their favourite Netflix show. Or the kit colours of the sports team they follow.

If you’re not too sure what their interests are, it’s a good idea to find out if you want to make a super special personalised birthday gift! In most cases, you don’t want to spoil the surprise, so you could ask someone who spends more time with them, such as a co-worker or partner.

Types of personalised Champagne Gift that are good for birthdays

Friends celebrating a birthday in smart attire by toasting flutes of Champagne

If it was our birthday, we’d be happy with any kind of Champagne. But it’s not! At Say It With Champers, we have a few options to choose from and it all depends on the taste of the person receiving the surprise birthday gift.

We can help advise if you tell us what they like. Or you can check out the options on the store pages, which describe in detail what each Champagne is. As an overview, the styles we provide are:

  • Classic Brut
  • Rose Champagne
  • Premium Champagne
  • English Sparkling Wine
  • Vegan Wine

We also supply personalised mini-Prosecco bottles too, in case you’re feeling generous and want to get multiple smaller bottles for the entire birthday party. Or if you want to save money because the birthday gift recipient is also one of three triplets!

Personalised Champagne Gift Conclusion

Say It With Champers mini-Prosecco bottles with personalised messages for occasions including birthdays

We hope this blog has helped answer questions you may have about personalising Champagne bottle labels for a birthday gift. If you’re still stuck, please don’t hesitate to get in touch – our team is more than happy to help.

Or if you’re ready to get more inspiration, check out our online shop where we showcase various bespoke bottles that previous customers have requested. Just click the “Shop Champagne” button below to begin browsing.