• Florida, the Ritz-Carlton here recent added a Moet Champagne vending machine to the hotel lobby, although this is standard Moet miniature Champagne bottles.
  • Here a token for the Moet Champagne miniature bottle is purchased at reception which they then use in the machine to buy their top Champagne brands. Due to the fact it is a good quality Champagne it has proved very popular.
  • The vending machine is exclusive to Moet miniature Champagne bottles, although other top Champagne brands will follow suit no doubt. As you can imagine these have proved very popular as people love drinking good quality Champagne in miniature Champagne bottles, all we want now is personalised Moet Champagne! These Champagne vending machines have also appeared in Las Vegas, Baltimore and New Orleans. as well as a few other bars – other top Champagnes brands will no doubt follow suit. After all, who doesn’t love a mini Champagne?
  • Champagne vending machines are a great way to impress people, as well as Champagne by post, personalised Champagne gift delivery and a personalised Champagne present box.

The hotel bar is a thing of the past, the sure fire way to show off luxury is a Champagne vending machine, we just hope they introduce personalised Moet Champagne before too long!

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Glasses of Champagne

These vending machines only stock Moet Champagne, however there are two varieties available, you can select either the Imperial Brut or the Imperial Rosé, and each is dipensed with a Champagne flute to drink it with. Moet & Chandon is of course a major house of luxury goods brand LVMH. 

LVMH Champagne House

LVMH is of course known for their top Champagne brands Dom Perignon and Krug. No news yet on whether you can send Champagne through them yet, but we are sure Champagne by post will come before too long.

The vending machine takes a token purchased from reception, and on this token you will see the Moët & Chandon logo thereby denoting its status as a top Champagne brand. Miniature Champagne bottles have always been popular so we think with this mini Champagne vending machine they are onto something quite big here.

Personalised Champagne Wedding Gift UK Delivered Birthday Anniversay Proposal Graduation Hen Party

Miniature Moet Bottles

Buying these miniature Champagne bottles doesn’t come cheap though, they are clearly not a cheap Champagne, nor a particularly expensive Champagne, but at £20 it is a good 50% more than you would pay for something like this. That is the premium for buying a good quality Champagne from a top Champagne brand in a vending machine, it is a miniature Champagne bottle after all.

The Ritz-Carlton in Naples recently unveiled a surprise, no it wasn’t news of a personalised Moet personalised Champagne present, it was the fact that they are also introducing this top Champagne brand vending machine for mini Champagne bottles. A number of other places are following suit so it you want a Champagne birthday you could be in for a treat!

alt=" personalised champagne bottle, perfect unique gift for all occasions, with customised Champagne label"

Personalised Champagne bottle label

Mini Champagne Bottles

Now, a number of events around the globe have started introducing this form of personalised Champagne gift vending machine, which holds around 320 miniature Champagne bottles by the way, so the glamour of it is really catching on. Moët & Chandon have come up with a great idea here, miniature Champagne bottles are all the rage these days, we are secretly hoping a personalised Moet personalised Champagne present is also on horizon! One thing for sure is that with mini Champagne vending machines it shows that Champagne houses are always trying to be one step ahead of competition.

Mini-Bottles in US

As regards the United Stages, these mini Champagne bottles are fairly new, they did however appear on Selfridge’s Christmas display in 2013. These miniature Champagne bottles caught the eye at this event, and although it clearly isn’t the cheapest Moet Champagne, the fact it is a good qualtiy Champagne and also a top Champagne brand, you get what you pay for, just Champagne and only Champagne can get away with this in my opinion. The price means you might not want to buy Champagne in bulk of this sort, but for a treat like a Champagne birthday it is perfect. Who doesn’t love a miniature Champagne bottle?

alt=" personalised champagne bottle, perfect unique gift for all occasions, with customised Champagne label"

Personalised Champagne bottle label

These Champagne vending machines are not just a top Champagne brand served in a miniature Champagne bottle from a vending machine, they are also a way for hotels to get their guests talking about them. After all, drinking good quality Champagne in the form of a mini Champagne bottle from a vending machine is not something that happens every day, and of course hotels realise this. Now, all we want from them is personalised Moet personalised Champagne present and to be able to send Champagne like this with direct delivery online!

Personalised Champagne Gifts

As great as it is that you can get Moet from a vending machine, it is probably some time away until you are able to buy personalised Champagne presents from a vending machine. A personalised Champagne gift is a bit trickier to purchase in this way because of the personalisation that needs to take place. This is why ordering your personalised Champagne present through a website makes more sense as a website has the built in software needed to process the order.

Personalised Champagne Wedding Gift UK Delivered Birthday Anniversay Proposal Graduation Hen Party

Personalised Champagne bottle label

At Say It With Champers our core business is supplying personalised Champagne bottle to both the general public and businesses. for the general public they will typically buy a personalised Champagne present for a birthday, engagement or wedding for example. The corporate world tends to purchase a personalised Champagne gift as a corporate present, or for a Christmas giveaway for example.

You can see just from these examples there are many uses for personalised Champagne surprise. Please browse our labels and choose your personalised Champagne gift today, we assure you that you will be pleased with your purchase. In the event that you are not happy with your personalised Champagne present, we will offer you a money back guarantee.