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Personalised Champagne in the UK is still a relatively new phenomenon, as little as 10 years or so ago it was largely unheard of. Everyone in the UK loves Champagne, but when you ask someone about personalised Champagne here in the UK they will not know about it or know where to get it from. And the question is, why is this so?

Customised Champagne

In many ways a customised bottle of Champagne makes a great gift, and it is no surprise that it is becoming every more popular over here, but it is still a long way from being the established market that personalised Champagne is in France for example.

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Personalised Gifts

Personalisation these days is all the rage, you get personalised cushions, tea cups, pen holders, just about anything in the world, so why is that personalised Champagne seems to have such a mysterious element to it? I think part of the reason is that it is such a good idea, and people genuinely love it, but because it is such a good idea, that is why it takes them by surprise.

Personalisation Themes

Personalised Champagne UK is a term which you would assume people would be familiar with – for me when I think of personalised Champagne in the UK, I think of Promotion, Proposal or Retirement personalised Champagne, for me personalised Champagne in the UK shouldn’t be about the bog standard labels with average looking graphics to them.

For me, when I see many personalised Champagne bottles in the UK, there tends to be a trend towards the more formal, serious looking label- and that is fine, there is obviously a market for this sort of thing.

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Personalised Champagne bottle label

Personalised Champagne Fun Labels

I do believe however that there is also a market in the UK for a more fun type of personalised Champagne, a personalised Champagne that has a fun and loud feel to it, something that breaks away from the norm. For example, look at our Hen Do, Good Luck, and Stag Do labels are great examples of this.

It is like everything in like, there are different versions of everything, there are serious books and there are fun books, serious newspapers and fun newspapers, and there are serious personalised Champagne bottles in the UK, and now there are fun personalised Champagne bottles in the UK. Below is a great example of one of our fun labels, it is our hen do and as you can see comes with a striking design which will suit any young female:

Personalised Champagne Wedding Gift UK Delivered Birthday Anniversay hen party Graduation Hen Party

Bottle for all occasions

At Say It With Champers we want you to be able to give a gift with a smile on your face, not to take like too seriously and give your loved one or family member a bottle of personalised Champagne that they will both love and cherish. If you have just sealed an important business deal, yes a serious bottle of personalised Champagne is what you want, but if you want to cheer someone up who has just gone through a divorce, then a serious bottle of Champagne is the last thing you want.

So where does this new product of personalised Champagne exist? It certainly exists in France, and is quite popular in France, although there they don’t sell it nationally as such, it is more of a local thing – someone knows someone who can do labels, so they go and get them from there.

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Personalised Champagne bottle label

The French Champagne Market

The personalised Champagne labels in France are a bit like the ones we do at Say It With Champers, there is a mix of fun and serious ones. By and large, when we talk about personalised Champagne UK, the market is more geared around the serious side. There are many people who think like myself, if someone is looking for personalised Champagne in the UK, then to me they need a choice – options are what we give them and we feel here we have something for everyone.

The French will arrange a personalised Champagne bottle for any occasion, you will often see one at a baptism, or a birthday for example. Drinking Champagne is so widespread anyway, that people look for something a bit different. It is only a matter of time that the UK market of personalised Champagne follows the line of the French market.

UK Personalised Champagne Market

So where can you buy personalised Champagne in the UK? The market over here is largely online, whereas in France it is largely in a physical location of some sort. The UK market I feel is the perfect market for personalised Champagne for a number of reasons.

First, we love Champagne! That is always going to help of course, we are the 2nd biggest market in the world, the largest after France of course.

Secondly in the UK we are very much used to buying products online – look at our high streets, we think nothing of doing our shopping online with the TV on in the background. There’s nothing wrong with that of course, it is just the way it is, and this trend will likely spread through Europe too.

Third we have a good disposable income in the UK, so personalised Champagne is a good price point for many people. Our RRP is £49.99 and for a birthday gift or Christmas gift that is remarkably good value. We are some of the highest spenders in the world when it comes to this sort of thing.

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Personalised Champagne bottle label

The UK Champagne Market

Personalised Champagne in the UK is very much in it’s infancy, it is a market which is very likely to grow and grow. The potential is great as it can touch on all the greeting card occasions and tap into most gifting occasion, including corporate gifts of course which is a subject matter all on it’s own.

Personalised Champagne has grown massively in the UK, but ask anyone if they have heard of it, let alone seen a bottle and you will no doubt get some very puzzled expressions indeed. That is not to say they won’t have heard of it very soon – my expectation is that personalised Champagne in the UK is on the cusp of turning into a large market. They key is exposure, and letting the public in the UK know about personalised Champagne and what a great gift it is.

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Personalised Champagne bottle label

UK Personalised Champagne

And that is where companies like ourselves come in – we pride ourselves on having the biggest and best range of personalised Champagne labels in the UK. Please browse our labels collection as we are sure there is something for everyone here. There is no better company available for you if you want to source personalised Champagne in the UK, so don’t delay and browse our great labels now!

Personalised Champagne Summary

Personalised Champagne makes a fantastic alternative gift for any occasion for when you just don’t know what to get, or want to buy something different. In the UK, personalised Champagne is gaining popularity although there is still some way to until it becomes mainstream.

Nearly everyone you speak to about it loves the idea of customising a Champagne bottle in the UK, and that counts for both businesses and the general public. It is a product that appeals to both people and businesses alike, and when you compare it pricewise to what these categories already buy as gifts, it is a much more affordable option. For these reasons the UK personalised Champagne market is likely to see some strong growth in the coming years.