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Champagne Wedding Gift


If you are looking for a stunning wedding gift look no further thanks to our great range of wedding themed designs



Champagne is the of course the drink that shouts celebration, and when we take this iconic drink and personalise it around the special couple and combine it with a presentation box the end result is a personalised Champagne wedding gift set. Such a gift is guaranteed to please and will be cherished by the happy couple and will be remembered for years to come. If you want a gift that stands out from the crowd then order yours today!



How It Works

1.Choose your wedding personalised Champagne label from our shop.
2.Select from our wide range of stunning Champagne & sparkling wines to suit any taste or budget.
3.Complete your order – we aim to ship your personalised Champagne wedding gift set in as little as one working day.




We believe in simple, transparent pricing. The price you see for your personalised Champagne wedding gift set is the price you pay and includes free 48 hr delivery.


Personalised Champagne Wedding Gift Set

To view our great selection of personalised Champagne wedding themed labels for a gift set, please check our shop page for our full range. If you are looking for a personalised Champagne gift set you have come to the right place as we have some fantastic products in our range.

A personalised Champagne wedding gift set is one of the classiest gifts you can give to a couple that is getting married. If you want a gift that will dazzle and delight then wedding Champagne in a gift set like this is guaranteed the wow factor. When you see our stunning designs, our great prices and quick delivery, then making a decision to buy such a gift suddenly becomes and easy one!

You have been invited to a wedding and your thoughts turn what gift to buy for the bride and groom? There are many options of course, but a personalised Champagne wedding gift set ticks all the important boxes:

  1. It is personalised, and we all know a personalised gifts holds extra sentimental value.
  2. It is themed around their wedding with will be extra special for the couple.
  3. Champagne is the drink of celebration.
  4. A Champagne gift set personalised around a wedding is at the perfect price point.


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Wedding Personalised Champagne

As you can see there are many reasons to purchase a personalised Champagne wedding gift set, and many people do, they make great wedding gifts that the couple love. Personalised wedding Champagne will always hold a special place in the hearts of the bride and groom, and even more sore if they receive it in a gift set.

Thinking back to when my wife and I got married in the mid 2000’s, everything had been arranged, prepared and paid for. The day before the wedding my dad showed us about 20 bottles of personalised Champagne themed around the wedding. The surprise and joy was incredible, firstly we had never heard of personalised Champagne before, and secondly it was an addition to the wedding we hadn’t considered or thought about!

Needless to say, the Champagne went down a treat, it was served to guests with the pre-wedding food nibbles, and many of the guests were commenting on it, saying how wonderful they looked. If budget allows it, I would recommend serving to people as it really adds the wow factor to your special day. Failing that personalised wedding champagne as a gift set makes a fantastic gift to the bridal party, parents, or anyone else the bride and groom want to give the customary presents to on the big day.

Customised Wedding Bottles

Now is a good time to introduce the various wedding themed Champagne bottles customisable for a gift set, our wedding range of Champagne bottles can be found on our wedding labels page. Clearly you need to see what sort of wedding bottles we have available and the next section will serve to introduce the various wedding themed bottles of bubbly we have.

The thing they all have in common is that they have a matching top and bottom sticker, and they all have 5 lines of text available. To make a gift set of personalised wedding Champagne, simply add a presentation box on checkout. We will look at our presentation boxes after we have done a review of the wedding themed Champagne labels. You simply will not find a better personalised Champagne wedding gift set on the market, so orders yours today and give the lucky couple the treat they deserve.


Personalised Wedding Champagne 01

The first wedding personalised Champagne bottle I would like to discuss is shown below, you can purchase this bottle on this wedding Champagne page. Remember, if you want to turn this into a personalised Champagne wedding gift set, simply add one of our presentation boxes to your order.

This is our top selling wedding customised Champagne bottle gift set, and when you look at the design of the labels, I’m sure you can see why. The label is classy and elegant, and the textured background with the stripes really give this the formal wedding theme you would expect from this type of wedding bottle. The small graphic at the top of each label is perfectly in keeping with the tone and mood, and when your customised text is added to the wedding Champagne, it combines to make a fantastic gift set.

The larger image shows off the personalised Champagne wedding label in much greater detail. The combination of a simple and formal colours, with the classy font and formal designs make this one of the best wedding themed designs on the market. Any couple opening this wedding Champagne as a gift would be delighted with this, in all likelihood they wouldn’t even open it and would have it as a keepsake to mark the special occasion.

Personalised Wedding Champagne 02

This second bottle is another very popular selling wedding label, the full length finished product is shown below and you can purchase it from this wedding Champagne page. Why not add one of our stunning gift boxes to this great bubbly to make it a personalised Champagne wedding gift set?

This great wedding personalised Champagne is another very popular seller and is similar to the first bottle in many respects. The simple colour scheme makes for a very classy and sophisticated look, and perfectly suited as a wedding gift for the bride and groom on their big day. The golden/brown main colour of the label is perfectly framed by the dark brown border which acts as a frame for the contents within. With the font colour matching the border, it all combines to make a fantastic wedding personalised Champagne gift set.

It is through the closeup that you are able to see the quality of the design. If you look closely you will see the outline in white of a couple in traditional wedding attire facing the viewer. This with the classy hearts in a heart graphic at the top combine to give an elegant customised wedding Champagne that anyone would be proud of.

Personalised Wedding Champagne 03

This final customised wedding Champagne for a gift set is actually from our anniversary range. You can see the full length bottle below, and you can purchase it this anniversary Champagne page.

In many ways this bottle is the perfect bottle to illustrate how any message can be put onto any bottle you desire. The design, colours and border all stay the same, but all the text on the bottle can be changed. With the background graphic being a couple in wedding attire, it is perfectly suited to both weddings and wedding anniversaries. The process is simple, choose your desired text, put it in the relevant text fields, complete you order and your customised wedding Champagne gift set will be complete!

The colours of the graphic, border and text contrast perfectly with the label, making a fantastic wedding Champagne personalised gift set, The overall look and feel of the bubbly is perfectly in keeping with a wedding and would make a fantastic present for any couple. The background graphic combined with the formal pattern with hearts on the inside work perfectly together to create a wedding label that would grace any bottle of Champagne.

Personalised Wedding Champagne Accessories

We have given you some fantastic examples the types of wedding Champagne bottles that you can personalise, now we will discuss the boxes you can combine with your order to make a great customised wedding Champagne gift set.

Single Silk Lined Presentation Box

This wooden presentation box is the perfect accessory to turn your bottle of bubbly into a personalised wedding Champagne gift set. It looks stunning and with the silk lining in the background it makes the perfect addition to any customised Champagne and is perfectly in keeping with a wedding theme. Boxes like these go with all our bottles, and the great thing is that when you combine the two you get a fantastic personalised Champagne wedding gift set.


Double Silk Lined Presentation Box

This double presentation box is made to exactly the same specifications as the single one, perfect for presentation two bottles of Champagne in a way that the couple will love. This will make a stunning gift set with your personalised wedding Champagne bottles.


Triple Silk Lined Presentation Box

For the ultimate personalised Champagne wedding gift set, put three bottles of Champagne into this presentation box and you will dazzle and delight the bride and groom. All items can be shipped together and will combine to make a wedding personalised Champagne gift that will stand out from the crowd!

Champagne Wedding Gift Example

I would like to share with you the best example that I have come across where wedding themed Champagne was served as it makes for a great example of how you could also use it. The event in question was actually my own wedding which was some 11 years ago, and at this point the concept of personalised Champagne was totally unknown to me, as it would have been nearly everyone else at the time also. About 2 days before the big day a number of us gathered at my father’s house.

While I was there, I spotted a few cases of Champagne that were stacked up in a spare room. I thought nothing of it, not until my dad asked me to look at the Champagne and let him know what I thought of it. I was expecting to be commenting on the Champagne house, but before me I saw personalised wedding Champagne themed around my own wedding! I could barely believe it, and they looked superb!

It was a massively unexpected wedding gift, and knowing that they were to be served to guests I was eagerly awaiting people’s reactions. Needless to say these bottles of bubbly wowed the guests as I had many questions and comments about them. Something like this is a great break from the norm and an easy way to add the wow factor to an event.

So, if you want to wow the guests as your wedding you know what to do! At the very least purchase some of these with a presentation box, together they make a Champagne wedding gift set and they are perfect to give to parents or the bridal party as the traditional wedding gifts for example.

Personalised Champagne Wedding Gift Set Summary

Now that you have read our article about our wedding Champagne, we hope you agree that the combination of our great wedding labels, top quality Champagne, and stylish presentation boxes combine to make a stunning wedding themed personalised Champagne gift set. When it comes to the big day or any bog day like a graduation and the presents you receive, personalised Champagne is probably one of the last items you expect to receive, yet at the same time it is always the gift that stands out from the crowd.

With Champagne being such a premium iconic drink, and being the drink that is most closely associated with celebration, when you combine the two and make it a wedding gift set, you are guaranteed that it will be well received. Furthermore, we guarantee that all orders are processed instantly and delivered without delay, and with great protective packaging you can rest assured that your personalised wedding gift set will arrive safe and sound. Please contact us if you have any questions about the wedding gifts set, or the personalised messages that go on there.

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