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Personalised corporate gifts make a stunning gift to both employees and key clients, when you have a quality product like a bottle of Champagne that is branded with your corporate colours it makes a gift that is guaranteed to dazzle and delight.

Why Should Your Business Consider Personalised Corporate Gifts

Personalised corporate gifts Champagne gift bottle for a new job from Say It With Champers next to a Champagne glass in front of some sunflowers

Corporate gifts are a great way to show your appreciation for clients and employees. Being able to personalise the gift makes it more memorable and meaningful.

Personalised corporate gifts are not just a thoughtful gesture but also an effective marketing tool. They can be used as a way of communicating your company’s values, brand, or vision to your clients or employees. By giving them something that they can keep, use or enjoy, it will help them remember you when they need you in the future.

As a fantastic way to show gratitude to your employees, clients, and customers, they can be used to create an emotional connection with the recipient and make them feel valued. In this latest blog by Say It With Champers, we’ll take a further look at the benefits.

We’ve also got a helpful guide directly below on picking the best gift for the recipient, as we appreciate it can be tricky!

How to Choose the Right Gift for the Right Person?

Bespoke corporate Champagne bottle by Say It With Champers

What type of gift should you buy for someone at work or for a client? This can depend on what kind of relationship you have with this person. If they are your direct employee, then it might be appropriate to get them a more expensive gift than if they were just an acquaintance at work. You can always ask members of the team to put in money to help with the costs, especially if it’s a manager of your department. If they are a client who has been doing business with your company for a while, then a higher budget personalised corporate gift would be a good option.

We all know that it can be hard to come up with the perfect gift idea, but it’s not impossible. There are plenty of ways to find that perfect office or client gift.

Choosing the right gift for the right person can be a daunting task. But with these tips, you are sure to find something that suits their needs.

1) Think about their personality: Personality is incredibly important, especially when it comes to personalised corporate gifts. If they have a strong sense-of-humour, then you can tailor the messaging on the bespoke product label to be amusing. But you also should pick a product which fits with that humour too (or something more serious if they don’t like to joke about!).

2) Consider their interests: It’s important to consider who you’re buying for and what they like. For example, if they are a craft beer fanatic, then a six-pack of beer might be a good idea. If they’re into fitness, then maybe buy them some new running shoes or gym clothes.

3) Think about how much money you want to spend: You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get a gift that will be memorable. For example, at Say It With Champers you can purchase corporate personalised Champagne on a budget. Our award-winning products are not expensive and you can also purchase mini-Prosecco bottles.

4) Take dietary requirements into account: If you’re looking to purchase something edible or drinkable, then it’s incredibly important to take any dietary requirements and allergies into account. Although the recipient will most likely identify from the ingredients list if there is something they shouldn’t eat, it still makes for an awkward situation in the office!

One of the dietary requirements that is becoming more commonplace is veganism. Luckily, we have our own vegan Champagne which tastes just as good!

Hopefully this mini-guide will help you select a product the recipient will love. If you’re still struggling, we have a great option which will make most people happy – the Say It With Champers gift hampers!

Why are Personalised Corporate Gifts Useful for Your Business?

Man in suit with a beard opening a bottle of Champagne

Some personalised corporate gifts are more useful than others, depending on what your specific business needs are. For example, if you’re looking for personalised products that will have the most impact in the workplace, then promotional pens would be a good choice. They’re easy and inexpensive enough that they won’t break the bank, but they’re also something that people use every day in the office.

With this being said, many other businesses opt for pens as personalised corporate gifts, so it’s likely that if you go for this, you’re probably not going to leave a lasting impression. If you want to be memorable, then go for something impressive, luxurious and unique.

There are many benefits to gifting personalised corporate gifts to clients and team members including:

  • You can increase staff morale by showing they are appreciated with a gift. This can help ensure key members of the team stay longer at your business and can also keep them happy in the job.

  • You can reinforce the brand’s positive image throughout the company. With bespoke personalised gifts, you can add the company logo.

  • You can motivate your sales teams to hit targets by offering personalised corporate gifts as a reward.

  • Personalised corporate gifts can help you win or retain business. By making your customers and leads feel appreciated, they may be more likely to continue their business relationship with you.

  • You can use them at trade shows and exhibitions to help attract visitors to your stand.

Conclusion: Wrapping it up on Personalised Corporate Gifts

Bottle of champagne in a red gift bag

In conclusion, personalised corporate gifts are a great way to show appreciation and gratitude to your employees. They are also a great way to increase the company’s brand awareness by giving them out to potential and existing customers.

There are many different types of bespoke gifts out there so it can be a challenge to pick one that the recipient will be happy with. However, when you focus on certain factors such as personality, interests, budget and dietary requirements, you’ll have a higher chance of purchasing a winning product.

At Say It With Champers, our speciality is personalised corporate Champagne and mini-Prosecco but we also offer gift hampers which are designed to impress most people.