Premium Personalised Champagne

Our Family Champagne – The Story Behind It

Champagne Neveux-Rousseau is located in Jonquery, an area recognized for the quality of its Pinot Meunier, in the heart of the Marne Valley. Following a long line of winegrowers, and now in its seventh generation, Champagne Neveux-Rousseau has been making exceptional Champagnes respecting the purest traditions. Our family produce a fine Champagne that will surprise and delight with a well balanced character with extraordinary balance and taste.

The vineyard is among the finest Crus in Champagne : Jonquery, Sainte-Gemme in Marne Valley and Villers-Marmery 1st Cru in Montagne de Reims. Our vineyard is made up Pinot Meunier (35%), Chardonnay (35%) and Pinot Noir (30%). The Champagne comes with the added bonus of being vegan friendly, so we can guarantee that no animal by products in any shape or form were used in the production of our premium bubbly.

You can purchase our premium Champagne in two ways: if you would like your bubbly personalised, simply navigate to our shop, select the design you want, and make sure you choose ‘Premium’ Champagne on checkout. Alternatively, if you would like to purchase our bubbly without the personalised label, simply go to our vegan Champagne product page and make your purchase there.

Premium Personalised Champagne Label

When you select the design of your personalised Champagne label, you will be able to enter a line of text in the collar label (top label) and also text in the body label (bottom label).

For our premium personalised Champagne you have the option whether to have both labels or just the body label, the reason being is that the foil around our premium bottle looks elegant and classy and we believe it has a more premium feel with just the body label. For the personalised labels on our premium Champagne bottles less is more!

Here is a close up of the foil around the top of the bottle. As you can see it has a stunning design, and really adds the high end feel to the bottle. For this reason we ship the premium bubbly with just the body label as standard, we will always check with your prior to shipping to make sure however. We believe the stunning foil makes for a great fine Champagne gift, and for our premium Champagne the overall effect is better with the top foil intact.

If your budget allows, we would we would strongly recommend you upgrading to our premium Champagne simply because it tastes so good! It is up there with the top Champagne brands in terms of quality, and the great thing is that our website is the only place you can buy this great bubbly in the UK! Our family do not export outside of France other than to Say It With Champers, so not only would you be buying a great quality Champagne, but it is totally exclusive to ourselves!

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Personalised Wedding Champagne Gift

Personalised wedding Champagne is the ultimate head turner for your special day. There is no easier way to create an easy and affordable table setting that will get the guests talking than with wedding Champagne bottles. We have a great selection of wedding themed labels with 5 dedicated labels and a number of other labels that could easily be used for a customisable Champagne wedding present, or as personalised stickers for wedding favours. Simply select among our personalised bottle labels for weddings, add your text, complete your order, and then we will ship you your Champagne gifts by post.

For a gift like a wedding or anniversary we would recommend upgrading to our premium Champagne as the combination of the classy foil and fantastic taste combine to create a superb gift. There is no better wedding present than a personalised Champagne wedding gift, so choose your label, select our premium Champagne, and customise yours today!

personalised Champagne customised bottle label delivery uk sparkling wine wedding gift present bespoke unique champers

Premium Personalised Champagne

The Premium Champagne is made to the highest standards, so you can rest assured your premium personalised Champagne gift will taste superb. With a perfect blend of intense aromas and full of character, with a scent of wild flowers with a peachy tone your Champagne present is sure to impress.

  • Allergy advice: there may be traces of sulfites in the personalised Champagne.

If you are looking for a top Champagne brand on direct delivery simply select our premium range on checkout and you will receive a stunning fine Champagne present. The look and taste of this fine Champagne sets it apart from the crowd, treat your friend or family member to a gift they will love today.

How your personalised Champagne is made

Some of the traditional equipment used by previous generations is still in use today. Each press produces approximately 1,600 bottles. The grapes are collected around September time before being pressed in the very press that you see here. These photos are about 30 years old as you can see from the quality of the image, but the very same equipment is still used today to guarantee the traditions passed down from each generation are still intact. Now a seventh generation family business, the purest traditions have been respected to ensure that your Champagne gift is produced to the highest standards.

If you would like some more information about how Champagne is made, please visit our blog as we have a great number of articles on related topics to this. For example, here are a couple of links to interesting topics including the history of Champagne, the Champagne terroir, and the production of Champagne.