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Proposal Personalised Champagne Gift

2-5 = £1 saving per bottle
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12+ = £3 saving per bottle
Please email/call for a quote on large orders.

If you’re looking for a way to pop the question then look no further! Now you can propose to your loved one with a bottle of proposal themed customised Champagne! Say It With Champers and pop open the personalised Champagne after YES! This unique Champagne label is sure to impress your new fiancée.

Personalise your proposal personalised Champagne bottle today to make the ideal Champagne present!

Thanks to Say It With Champers you can now propose to your loved one with a personalised Champagne bottle thanks to the great new range of proposal themed Champagne bottles we have launched! It couldn’t be simpler, you select one of our proposal Champagne bottles, you add the 5 lines of customised text, and then just leave it on the table or fridge, or anywhere they will find it, and then just look at their face when they spot the proposal themed personalised Champagne present!

Proposing through a personalised Champagne bottle may not be for everyone, so why not buy one of these to toast your engagement for the night you intend to propose? A proposal personalised Champagne bottle would be the perfect accompaniment to such a special day. No other proposal Champagne bottles currently exist so show you romantic side and give her a surprise she will remember for the rest of her life!

We all love personalised gifts, they are great in that they show the person that you have put a bit of thought and also time into making your choice, Champagne of course is the drink of celebration, so combining the two to make a personalised Champagne gift is the ultimate personalised present!

Should you want that extra bit of glitz and glamour to mark your special day, why not add one of our wooden presentation boxes to your order. When combined with a personalised Champagne label it makes the perfect Champagne gift set.

Proposal Champagne Gift

A proposal Champagne is the great new way to ask your other half to marry you. The simplicity of the concept is it’s strength, it is a bottle of Champagne themed around a marriage proposal to help you pop the big question. Everybody loves this new idea, and it is something that has never been done before! Everything fits nicely together, Champagne of course is the drink of celebration, and then when you put a proposal themed label on the bottle of Champagne all of a sudden you get a proposal Champagne gift!

Another fantastic benefit of proposal themed personalised Champagne is that it has a wide variety of potential uses. Should you not want to use it to actually propose, you could have for the evening that you do propose as a kind of proposal Champagne accompaniment. It is also useful for the bride-to-be as she can use one to ask their friend if they would accept being a bridesmaid for example, as a form of bridesmaid Champagne proposal. This proposal Champagne is a genuine one of a kind, there is nothing like this out there, and even if other proposal Champagne come to market, I doubt they will be as good as this one!

Another great benefit of our proposal themed Champagne is that you can customise it in whichever way you see fit. Regardless of the intended use, any text can go on the label, so whether you are needing a Champagne proposal to your other half or bridesmaid, both options work fine, just ensure you personalise your text accordingly. With five lines of custom text available, your proposal themed Champagne bottle will be totally customised to make a fantastic proposal Champagne present.

Being a totally new concept, the use of a proposal themed Champagne bottle to propose has been done by very few people so it gives you the chance to impress. Plucking up the courage to pop the big question is no mean feat, and we don’t all want to be extravagant in the way we do it. Proposal Champagne therefore offers people a new option, and a very affordable option too.

We have two other labels themed around Champagne proposal should you wish to look at them, they are our ‘proposal heart’ design, and our ‘proposal of hearts’ label.

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Classic Brut, Rosé Champagne, Premium Champagne, English Sparkling Wine, Vintage 2008


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