3 Things to Consider When Buying Promotional Champagne

If you are looking to buy promotional Champagne for your business, look no further as our promotional Champagne comes branded with your business logo and colours which makes the perfect corporate gift for either your staff or for high spending customers. Please contact us today and we will be happy to discuss your promotional Champagne requirements.

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Branded Champagne is the great new way to treat your staff and clients, and ticks all the boxes, it looks stunning, it has the wow factor and branded Champagne is an affordable gift.

Bucket of ice with promotional Champagne inside keeping cool at a stylish corporate event.

As we talked about in our previous blog article, promotional Champagne is an excellent way to promote your business, brand, or project. You can really make an impact at your next work event or trade show with these luxury bottles of bubbly. But there are several things to keep in mind before purchasing this type of product.

If you’re new to the world of promotional Champagne, we strongly recommend taking a look at the sections below so you are fully informed during the buying process. Unlike other promotional gifts, such as wearable items, you must take into account the different tastes and the various quality levels of Champagne. And like with other bespoke promotional products, the branding must be decided upon – however, we can help you with this which we will touch on more below. But first let’s talk about the price!

The Price

Young successful female and male entrepreneurs enjoying luxury promotional Champagne on their yacht at sea

It’s a myth that you have to break the bank to impress with Champagne. With this being said, you still need to consider the price of the promotional Champagne when looking to make a purchase, especially if you are buying multiple bottles for larger events. In these situations, even a slight difference in price can soon add up.

And if you go too cheap to try and save money, you could end up buying some poor quality Champagne. If it’s a suspiciously low price and there are terms like “high quality”, “premium” or “luxury” in the product description, then it’s probably too good to be true! This ends up becoming a false economy as the product doesn’t get enjoyed to the fullest, and you may have to replace all the full bottles with a new batch at the next event!

At Say It With Champers, we want to provide our customers (and your potential customers!) with the finest champagne but at a reasonable and competitive price, which can be afforded by most corporations. To help keep you within budget, we do offer a discount for bulk purchases, so you don’t compromise on the quality whilst cutting down the costs.

We also offer mini prosecco bottles for smaller budgets and smaller events. These can also have branded labels added to them for promotional purposes. Plus, our vegan Champagne is also competitively priced – we have products for all styles, tastes and dietary requirements!

The Quality

Staff members at a corporate event trying some high quality luxury promotional Champagne

Having tasted and tested hundreds of types of Champagne from all around the globe, we know how important the quality of the product is. Promotional Champagne can be one of the main talking points at a corporate event, so it’s vital to make sure it tastes good. There’s nothing worse than dozens of bottles standing full to the brim, going to waste, because the taste is just not palatable.

As we mentioned above in the pricing section, cheap Champagne usually results in a poor tasting experience. This isn’t ideal if you’re trying to impress customers or staff! This won’t happen with an order from us as our lower price Champagne is made by multi-award winning producer, Philizot & Fils. And our premium range is made by our family in Festigny, which tastes incredible.

Whichever of our Champagnes you use for promotional purposes you can be assured it is of the highest quality and can be enjoyed at any budget. If you have any doubts, have a look at this video below from one of our customers, The Complaining Cow (you know you’ve hit the mark when you get a great review from a consumer champion!).

“After sampling some of their prosecco at the HM awards. I loved it so much I ordered a load more of it for myself and I will not be sharing it! Unless people are very nice to me! ? Only a really special client gets one of these from me!”

Helen Dewdney reads from Prosecco is Good for You

The Brand

Falkirk FC branded promotional Champagne for the Man of the Match by Say it with Champers in front of a football trophy

One thing that’s either going to raise eyebrows or smiles before the bottle even gets opened, is the aesthetics of the bottle. And when it comes to promotional Champagne, this refers to the branding on the label. The look of the branding can depend on the situation, for example whether you’re giving the Champagne away as part of a brand awareness campaign at a trade show or as a gift for a member of your team to say thank you.

If you’re stuck for ideas, take a look at the other companies we have created bespoke Champagne labels for here. From TalkTalk to HSBC, we’ve worked with some massive British-based brands who have depended on us to make their promotional Champagne pop! Our expert design team is also on hand to help, just get in touch with us using the contact button below.

Our designers can inform you of what image file types you will need to provide and can discuss the design. If you want to go formal to announce a landmark event at your company, like Samsung did, then we suggest a serious and succinct tone. Or if you want a more playful approach, you can try something like Falkirk FC did with their Man of the Match bottles.


Male waiter serving luxury promotional Champagne into glasses at a corporate event next to a buffet

Hopefully this guide has helped provide the information you needed to make the next step with purchasing your first or next batch of promotional Champagne. Say It With Champers has years of experience in this area and we are always happy to help with advice and suggestions. Please feel free to contact us with your questions.

To summarise, the areas we looked at above covered:

1. The Price – Try not to go too cheap as this can result in a poor tasting experience and wasted products. For bulk purchases we can help you keep within budget with discounts on luxury options.

2. The Quality – Make sure you’re buying Champagne from suppliers that have still won awards if they are towards the lower price range.

3. The Brand – Discuss with design experts on the best types of branding for your upcoming corporate events.