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Champagne Gifts by Post 


Send Champagne by post and give your loved ones the treat they deserve with our great range of customisable Champagne gifts.


Champagne is known to be the celebratory drink to toast a special achievement, or perhaps even just to say thank you to a friend or family member. If you want to give your loved ones a surprise they will love, then send Champagne by post through ourselves for a gift that will be enjoyed and remembered. We all love Champagne, so why not take this iconic celebratory drink and add your personal touch through the use of a personalised Champagne bottle?




How It Works

1. Select your label – choose one of our great designs and customise it your way with our own text.
2. We offer a huge range of Champagne & sparkling wines to suit any taste or budget.
3. Place your order – we will produce your personalised Champagne bottle quickly and aim to ship it out in as little as 1 business day.




We believe in simple, transparent pricing. The price you see is the price you pay, and don’t forget all Champagne orders come with free 48hr delivery!


You have been invited to a wedding and now the date is fast approaching for the lucky couple to get married, problem is you haven’t got them anything yet so what to do? The gift list has nothing but the expensive presents left, or you fancy getting them something that little bit different?

Customisable Wedding Bottles

You can spend hours searching for the so called perfect wedding present, but the danger is they might already have it, or another couple may have bought it for them too! At Say It With Champers we believe there is no better wedding themed present than a bottle of personalised Champagne, and the reasons will be discussed below.

The first time I came across customisable wedding Champagne bottles was at my own wedding, some 11 years ago. It was the first time I had ever heard about personalised wedding Champagne, in fact I didn’t even know you could personalise Champagne at all at that point! I remember the moment clearly, we were at home and my dad handed me a bottle of Champagne, my first thought was that it looked nice, especially as it had some wedding related graphics on it.

It was only on closer inspection I saw it was themed around our own wedding! Immediately I was smitten, especially since he had brought even for all the guests to drink! Many of the guests were commenting on it, it really added the wow factor to our special day, so much so that I still have 3 bottles as a keepsake, two of them empty and one full one, none of which will be thrown away!

personalised champagne corproate branded business



Sending Champagne By Post

Anyway, before we get into why the postal system is perfect for sending Champagne, I thought I would at least show you an example of one of our fantastic personalised Champagne wine bottles. This is one of our most popular selling lines, and is our anniversary Champagne label, and can be ordered on our anniversary Champagne page, the perfect way to send Champagne by post.

I’m sure you will agree the quality of the design is stunning, and this label could be used for a variety of functions, it would make a great Valentine’s gift, birthday present, anniversary present, and just about anything really! This is why when you send Champagne by post it makes such a great gift concept.


personalised champagne wedding birthday sparkling wine gift present

Sending Champagne is Affordable!

I think the first worry that people have when it comes to sending a Champagne gift is that it will be expensive. Champagne after all is often associated with opulence, and used to be seen as an extravagant drink reserved only for the super wealthy. That viewpoint is slowly changing as now there are many affordable Champagnes available even in the local supermarket, if you want to send Champagne by post it is now much more affordable.

The rules and regulations that go with the production of Champagne are so strict that it almost guarantees the quality of the product, to the extent that even the way you prune the vines are regulated!

As you can see from the image above, we also sell mini-Prosecco as well as Champagne. For our fastest selling line, we have selected a great value Champagne, not only is it multi-award winning, but it is priced at an affordable level which means we can reduce the cost of the final product sold to yourself. That is why we are currently the best value personalised Champagne business in the UK, hence why sending Champagne by the post with ourselves is quite affordable. Don’t look anywhere else to send Champagne by post.

personalised miniature prosecco birthday sparkling wine gift corporate

Posted Champagne Discounts

If you are looking to place a large order and send numerous Champagne and Prosecco bottles by post, then you will benefit from our built-in discount calculator which will be applied in your shopping basket. If you have a particularly large order for a wedding, please contact us and we will give you a bespoke quote that will suit your requirements. Champagne sent through the post needn’t be expensive, in fact we are the best value personalised Champagne provider in the UK so you can purchase with confidence through us. If you want to send Champagne by post we can do that for you and much more.

We take every care and precaution to ensure that when sending your Champagne gifts through the postal system they arrive in perfect condition. Firstly, the choice of Champagne is multi-award winning, the label design is fantastic as you can see, the order is processed quickly, and the packaging which we discuss later is also to the highest standard. These reasons are why we believe you won’t find better value Champagne gifts on the UK market.

The Perfect Surprise

Another benefit of sending Champagne to someone through the post is the surprise element that they will get when they open their gift! If you give someone the gift in person, then of course they will see the present in advance and know something is being presented to them. Sending the Champagne as a gift through the post has the advantage of them having no idea what the parcel they have just signed for actually is!

Another way you can surprise them is by choosing some of our more unusual Champagne gifts to send through the post. We have all the popular greeting card occasions and many more. This is our distinguishing factor to many other companies, for example we have dedicated labels for proposals, new home, wishing someone good luck and also hen parties. To send Champagne by post the process couldn’t be simpler, you choose the theme you want, you add your custom text, you complete the order, and then we do the rest!

Surprise Champagne Delivery

Picture the scene, you are at home, the courier arrives and knocks at your door, and there is an unexpected parcel. First of all you are probably confused as you don’t remember ordering anything, and the first thought is probably that the wife must have ordered something. On closer inspection, you can clear see that this item has your name on it, and the parcel is fairly large. You open it, still curious and then you see this in front of you, send Champagne by post, you know it must be done!

Needless to say you would almost certainly be amazed! Not only is it a birthday surprise, but it is a personalised bottle of Champagne that has been sent through the post!


Personalised Champagne Range

We believe we have made sending Champagne by post even easier simply due to the vast array of occasions that are covered. For example we have Get Well Soon, Good Luck, Passed Exam and Proposal as well as all the more popular ones you will be familiar with. the example shown below is one from our Proposal range and can be ordered from our proposal Champagne page.

In total we have over 70 designs available to send Champagne by post, and certainly the most eye catching range that is currently available on the internet. There are 26 occasions in total, which can be viewed from our labels page.The depth of choice means that if you want to send Champagne by post, then you really have nothing to worry about now, the choice is there and you can make it look just how you want with your personal touch added to it.

Champagne Postage & Packing

One thing you don’t need to worry about if you want to send Champagne by post through ourselves is the postage and the packing. The courier we use is Parcel Force, regarded as one of the leading couriers in the UK with a full real-time tracking system available from the dashboard. Furthermore, no expensive is spared on the packaging materials, as you can see below. We want you to know that when you choose to send your champagne present through the post via ourselves that you can be safe in the knowledge that your surprise will arrive safe and sound.


How expensive is it to send Champagne by post? Their service covers the whole of the UK, including the Channel Islands, Scottish Islands and other remote places. Like most couriers they do add a surcharge for these more remote areas, so when sending Champagne through the post to these areas please check with us for the price first.


Your Champagne present is prepared to the highest standards, as quality of service is paramount for our customers at Say it With Champers. Your bottle of bubbly couldn’t be safer with this outer protective sleeving, when compressed it also almost the pressure of a tyre. It fits snuggly around the bottle, so should be there be any bumps along the journey the Champagne will be totally intact on arrival. When you send Champagne by post through it will arrive in one piece!

Protective Champagne packaging

The above image is a protective outer packaging we use to send you Champagne through the post. it is filled with an air compressor, and the manufacturer of these has released footage of them being dropped from a first floor window and the contents remaining undamaged.

We take every care and precaution to make sure your Champagne gift delivery arrives safe and sound in one piece. When you send Champagne by post can be stressful in that you can never be sure if your Champagne present delivery will be damaged in transit. One thing we can assure you is that your bottle of Champagne present delivery couldn’t be in safer hands.

In relation to the packaging, we use the highest quality materials to guarantee that bottle of Champagne is safe from harm in the post. The outer carton is a very sturdy design, and the interior is an inflatable bag which keeps the contents totally safe and secure as you can see in the image below.

The manufacturer has tested this by dropping test packages from a first floor window with the result being that the contents were totally unharmed. This package is inflated using a high performance air compressor, with the result being that when you send a Champagne gift by post through ourselves it always arrives in one piece.

Posting Champagne Concept

Sending a bottle of someone’s favourite bubbly through the post as a birthday, corporate or anniversary treat is the great new way to surprise and delight your loved ones. Having Champagne gifts posted is one of those surprises that we have all heard about, but few of us have done, or had one sent to us. It is very much under the radar, especially sending personalised Champagne although it is certainly gaining popularity. Send Champagne by post, you know it makes sense.

The UK market in many ways is perfectly geared up for the sending of Champagne to one another as we all love to do internet shopping and having items delivered through the post is nothing new. On top of that we all love Champagne and also personalised gifts, so add them all together and you have a sure-fire winning combination! If a personalised Champagne delivery is something you have been thinking about but never done before, then why not give us a try, with our fantastic designs, great bubbly, and quick services, it will be a Champagne gift sent through the post your friend will just love!

If you want Champagne by post free delivery, then that is one of our services. The process is simple, you choose one of our great labels, you add you custom text to create your bespoke gift, you complete your order and we will ship you your Champagne present by post on a free 48 hr delivery. Champagne through the post simply could not be easier, we guarantee that all orders are processed within an hour of receiving it to ensure your present arrives as quickly as possible. Send Champagne by post and treat your loved ones today!

Personalised Champagne By Post

Not only do we send Champagne by post, but the Champagne we send is personalised to suit whatever occasion you are celebrating. Whether you have an anniversary, want to wish someone good luck, or are attending a wedding or engagement party, we have a label to suit your needs. Customised Champagne by post couldn’t be easier – with our high performance label generator you can preview the label before purchasing so you see exactly how it will appear.

Customised Champagne by Post

if you want to send Champagne by post, personalising your Champagne is simple, you have 5 text lines you can tailor to your needs, and once done you simply confirm the product and then we do the rest. At the click of a few buttons personalised Champagne by post will be on it’s way which will dazzle and delight. The courier we use currently is Parcel Force who have a full tracking system which means you will know every step of the way where your personalised Champagne by post is located.

All orders are processed with free standard 48 hr delivery, with 24 hr delivery available who need customised Champagne through the post more urgently. Sending Champagne by post couldn’t be easier, sit back, relax and wait for your great gift to arrive. Champagne by post next day delivery is perfect for those who are in a rush, simply choose this option on checkout.

Champagne By Post Cut-Off

Please note we process all orders immediately on receipt of the order. If you select for the Champagne by post to be delivered on a 48 hr courier, please check the time at which you have ordered the bubbly. Our courier has a cut-off of 11am, so if the order is received after this time, the order will fall into the next working day.

Send Champagne by post

This is an important point to bear in mind when ordering Champagne delivered by the postal system, if it is urgent we would advise selecting the 24 hr courier option to save any disappointment. Every Champagne online delivery will have a similar system, please feel free to contact us if you need further clarification on this point.

Posting Champagne Market

It may not feel like it, but the concept of sending personalised Champagne gifts through the post is a fairly new one in the UK. It is only around 10 years or so ago that the concept came about in the UK. Until then you just weren’t able to send customised Champagne through the post as there just wasn’t a market for it. It is much more popular these days, but in reality we are at the bottom of the curve. To explain this in more detail, let me put this in context.

In France for example, pretty much any major family celebration or gathering there will be some sort of personalised Champagne bottle, which will of course be themed around the event taking place, like birthday or wedding for example. Now, if you think back to the UK market for a while, when was the last time you even saw a bottle of personalised Champagne, do you remember ever being sent Champagne through the post? My guess is that to both question your answer is no.

So, if the UK market were to develop like the French market, there would be some considerable growth, and there almost certainly will be. The biggest difference is that in France people don’t send Champagne through the post, as online shopping is nowhere near as mainstream as it is here. Everything is done locally, so in a way both markets are kind of opposite to each other. The UK market will grow like the French, and the French will almost certainly start shopping online when they gain confidence in online shopping.

Send Champagne By Post Accessories

When ordering Champagne to be delivered by post, please remember that we have a wide range of accessories for you to add to your order to turn your Champagne gift delivery into a Champagne gift set. The most simple accessory we have available is a bottle bag, this looks fantastic and is very reasonably priced. There are a range of colours available for you to makes your delivery of Champagne that little bit more impressive.

Champagne Presentation Boxes

To make your posted Champagne present even more impressive we would recommend one of our wooden gift boxes. The standard range are built to a very sturdy design and have a sliding front cover to combine to make a fantastic Champagne gift set. These are available as single, double and triple boxes, and an example of one is shown below.


For the occasions where you want to send Champagne gift post to really stand out from the crowd we recommend our premium box. This box is lined with silk and looks fantastic, and again is available in single, double and triple sizes. An example of the box is shown below so you can see how good it is, and to give you confidence when you send Champagne by post with ourselves.

Champagne By Post Coverage

Currently we ship to all of mainland UK as part of our standard service. If you live in the UK islands, or in Northern Ireland, please contact us for rates, we have no problem sending you Champagne through the post to these locations, but as standard with most couriers there is a surcharge if you want to send Champagne by post to these destinations. Send Champagne by post to any destination and we will do the rest.

We can also ship your Champagne gift delivery further afield to Europe and the rest of the world, we will need to advise on rates for these locations, the best thing to do is contact us, advise where you Champagne gift needs posting, we will find out the rates, and then we take it from there. There is no location we will not send your Champagne present by post, as long as it is serviced by our courier, then we will be happy to oblige, send Champagne by post today for the best treat for your loved ones!

Order with confidence, we are the best value personalised Champagne company in the UK, with the most diverse product range currently available. If you need any advise in relation to the posting of your Champagne, simply contact us and we will come back to you. Why not send Champagne by post, it is the great new gift concept, you will find it much easier to send Champagne by post than to find such a gift on the high street.

Posting Champagne Presents Summary

Now that you have read about how we operate and how we ship your Champagne gift through the postal system we hope that you agree that every care and precaution is taken to ensure that your personalised Champers arrives in perfect condition. From the high quality designs, to the best packaging, and the quickest service, posting Champagne is done efficiently and effectively. Send Champagne by post today, you will not regret it.

Regarding ‘send Champagne by post’, should you have any questions, comments or feedback about how your Champagne present is delivered, we would welcome them. We strive to ensure that when we ship your Champagne it is done to perfection, so any opportunities to improve we will gladly take. If you are looking to send Champagne by post then look no further, there is no better website allowing you to send Champagne by post than ourselves.

Sending Champagne Summary

We take great care to ensure that the product you order is the product you receive. The quality of the Champagne, the quality of the design, the service of the courier, and the quality of the packaging all combine to ensure that the Champagne present you order is the best value Champagne gift currently on the market. Say It With Champers are the obvious choice to send Champagne by post.

You can have total confidence with ourselves – relax, choose your label, and send Champagne by post through ourselves. We believe that there is no better company to choose to send Champagne by post, our combination of stunning designs, fantastic designs, great service, and quick delivery means that we are the best value personalised Champagne company in the UK if you want to send Champagne by post. Send Champagne by post through ourselves for the best possible service, we guarantee not to disappoint.

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