Bulk mini Prosecco bottles available – please enquire

Personalised Small Bottles of Prosecco


If you are looking for mini Prosecco bottles in bulk for an event or if you want the bottles branding with your company logo you have come to the right place.



Mini Prosecco bottles branded with a corporate logo is the perfect way to toast your corporate event. Whether the bottles are going into hampers, or being given to key contacts or given as staff rewards, or you might be needing mini Prosecco bottles bought in bulk with their original labels on. Whatever you require we are able to assist you and will source what you require as quickly as possible. We also provide themed small bottles of Prosecco which are great for desk drops and staff giveaways.



How It Works

1. Contact us with your requirements.
2. We will design your small bottles of Prosecco to match your corporate event perfectly.
3. Turnaround is quick, for corporate branded small bottles of Prosecco, from receipt of payment to delivery it is approximately 2 weeks.




We believe in simple, transparent pricing. The price you see is the price you pay, and don’t forget all Champagne orders come with free 48hr delivery!


If you are looking for small bottles of Prosecco you have come to the right place. If you want to bulk buy small bottles of Prosecco or have them branded for a corporate event, then contact us to discuss your requirements. If you want your small bottles of Prosecco to be personalised, then please visit our shop and see our great range of custom mini Prosecco bottles.

Whatever your requirement of mini Prosecco bottles go we are happy to assist, we are a specialist personalised sparkling wine company so we can create you a bespoke label for your corporate needs. Alternatively, if you require a large shipment of small Prosecco bottles as they come without personalisation that is fine and we will be happy to assist. Simply contact us with your requirements and we will do the rest.

Corporate Mini Prosecco Bottles

If you require bulk mini Prosecco bottles we are happy to assist with your enquiry. Our existing supplier is one of the largest importers of wines in the UK and they have a great range of small Prosecco bottles available in stock.

Whether you require cost effect small Prosecco bottles, or whether you need some top quality mini Prosecco bottles for hampers perhaps, we are able to service your requirements.

Corporate branded mini Prosecco is one of the most in demand products for businesses as they look for hamper fillers, or affordable gifts to reward their staff. For large order you can expect the price to be around the £7 area, with delivery charges included in the price makes for a stunning gift that is classy while remaining affordable.

Galanti 20cl Prosecco

The Galanti range of Prosecco is a great entry level type of Prosecco. It is easy drinking and free of the acidity you usually find with this type of bubbly in this price bracket. As far as cost effect small bottles of Prosecco go, this represents great value and is our most popular line when it comes to the bulk shipment of small Prosecco bottles. Please note, this stock photo is slightly out of date, the 20cl bottle now comes with a matching label around the collar.

personalised champagne corproate branded business

Mionetto 20cl Prosecco

If you are looking the highest quality for your small Prosecco bottles then the Mionetto is the sparkling wine you need. It looks stunning and taste great, and makes the perfect addition to a hamper or Prosecco gift basket that you are putting together. This particular bubbly is extra dry and has a straw yellow glow and has tasting tones of apple and honey.


Personalised Mini Prosecco Bottles

Personalised mini Prosecco is a great new way to treat yout staff or toast a corporate milestone. Small bottles of Prosecco that are branded with your company colours and logo are the perfect way to gift your staff. Previously, companies would wine and dine their staff to mark a corporate achievement, in these times with social distancing this is no longer possible, and small bottles of Prosecco branded around the business or special occasion make the perfect way to celebration the milestone.

It is easy to see why small bottles of Prosecco branded in this way make such a great corporate gift. They look great and are a very affordable way to make an impression. They have been particularly popular with education establishments with their new way of toasting graduation ceremonies.

Nowadays, people are not able to gather together and hold a graduation ceremony like they were previously, now with gifts like miniature bottles of Prosecco it can be done from a distance and the occasion is still celebrated.

Whatever the occasion you are celebrating, and however many small bottles of Prosecco you need, we are happy to help with your requirements. We will take the logo and your guidelines as to how the bottles should look and design a bespoke label that matches your company branding perfectly. We will submit an initial draft of the design and if revisions are required this is no problem.

The end result will be a branded bottle of bubbly that makes the perfect gift and is guaranteed to dazzle and delight. From receipt of payment to delivery of the bottles the process should take no more than 2 weeks. Once the design is complete, further orders of the same bottle will have a much quicker turnaround of around one week.

Small bottles of Prosecco branded in this way will always go down a treat – contact us today with your own requirements and we will do the rest.

Miniature Prosecco Bottles

The stock line we use for your small bottles of Prosecco is called Fantinel. It is a high-quality bubbly, with a light but crisp finish. Not only will it look great but it will taste great too, after all there is no point in shipping you small bottles of Prosecco for your corporate event only for them not to taste good. An image of the bottle before it has been processed is shown below.

Our USP when it comes to branding small bottles of Prosecco is that we apply a matching top and bottom label to the bottle. We believe that a fully branded bottle of bubbly makes the best impression. If you prefer to have just the body label on the bottle like shown on the stock image above, this is fine and it will be a slightly lower price for this too. Whatever you need we will incorporate into the product to make it exactly as you require.

If you need any help creating your personalised mini Prosecco bottles, simply contact us and a member of the team will be happy to help. The website  has some easy to follow steps, but should an issue arise let us know and we will resolve the problem.

Themed Miniature Prosecco

For the customers who require small bottles of Prosecco to be personalised around an occasion like an anniversary, birthday or wedding, we have some fantastic designs available that can be created to mark your special occasion.

When it comes to the themed mini Prosecco available in our shop, you can either have all the bottles exactly the same, or you can personalise each one around the particular guests. Personalised each of the small Prosecco bottles is very popular as weddings, here the bottles of bubbly will be used as wedding favours or as place markers to show the guests where they are seated for the wedding breakfast.

Again, with these designs all our small bottles of Prosecco come with a matching top and bottom label as standard to create a stunning personalised mini Prosecco gift.

You can appreciate from the image above what a quality gift these mini bottles of bubbly make. With a huge range of occasions available, all of which are fully customisable, you will not find a better range of mini Prosecco available.

Each design you see is totally unique to ourselves, so if you like a label you have seen, don’t try to find it anywhere else as you won’t be able to. Priced at just over £8 per bottle, we believe they are the best value personalised small bottles of Prosecco you will find anywhere.

Mini Prosecco Delivery

Each bottle of bubbly is individually packaged and shipped with an outer inflated plastic carton. The air bag is inflated using an air compressor which means that your bubbly will arrive safe and sound.

You can order with full confidence that when your personalised mini Prosecco gifts are ordered through ourselves, that they will arrive in perfect condition. All orders are processed the day they are received, so if your Prosecco gift is urgent, you know that it will arrive when you expect it to.

For business customers, we can ship your corporate branded mini Prosecco bottles individually to the recipient if that is what you wish. Whether you want a bulk shipment to one location, or if you want your mini Prosecco to go direct, we will accommodate your requirements, Simply contact us with what you need and we will process your small bottles of Prosecco immediately.

Small Bottles of Prosecco Ideas

Often when it comes to personalised miniature Prosecco, it is the case that everybody loves the concept and thinks it is a great idea, but have never thought of buying it or have never received one. Why not use our Christmas themed one as a stocking filler for your family?

If you have a birthday coming up, why not personalised our birthday themed design and toast the day in style? When it comes to graduations ceremonies, what better way to mark the occasion than with a graduation themed bottle of miniature Prosecco to toast the celebration?

The great thing with personalised mini Prosecco is that it is still very much under the radar, so when you treat your friends and family it has the wow factor and gives them something to remember. Fun sized bottles of Prosecco like this always appeal as they are individual and only for the recipient, so why not customise yours and order some bottles of bubbly that will dazzle and delight.