The Most Expensive Champagnes in the World

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Rare Champagne

When it comes to rare Champagne, there are some very expensive Champagnes out there and the more expensive are usually the very rare of course. If we take for example a prestige Champagne cuvée which has been produced a mere 8 times in total, and then make a magnum out of it, store it for a good 20 years, and then on top of that put some of the finest jewels on it known to man and then what do you get? This incredible Champagne is the ‘Le Secret’ Fine Jewelry Edition and was unveiled recently in Manhattan.

‘Le Secret’

It is difficult to know what this would be used for – for drinking, as a gift, as  Champagne for a wedding? These 10 bottles are adorned with a rather precious stone in each of them say a diamond, sapphire or ruby for example, and they will be the only ones ever produced of their type. They won’t come cheap though, they are likely to cost upwards of £100,000 so get saving now!

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There is in fact a Champagne house called Champagne Rare, and it is a fine cuvée of Piper-Heidsieck. This fine Champagne is produced from the very best years and primarily originates from Chardonnay. It is known for having a very rich, creamy and complex body to it, which will make you crave more instantly, a fine Champagne if ever there was one.

Personalised Champagne Wedding Gift UK Delivered Birthday Anniversay Proposal Graduation Hen Party

Personalised Champagne bottle label

Rare Champagne History

The story goes back only to 1998, this was when the cellar master at Piper-Heidsieck, a rather ingenious gentleman named Régis Camus received a batch of empty magnum bottles, he also had a batch of a vintage Champagne from 1997 that he had no intention of releasing under the title of Champagne Rare. On a whim he bottled approximately 1,000 bottles and then left them to age.

Camus had almost forgotten he was storing this fine Champagne he claims. When he first discussed them with the director of Piper-Heidsieck Benoit Collard, there was little interest initially.

Then Collard watched on TV a documentary on TV about a jeweller and they decided to collaborate with him to create some total one-off gold and jewel encrusted magnums.

Champagne Rare

In some ways these bottles would be perfect for a wedding as they are totally bespoke and would really add extravagance to any special day. They are incredibly luxurious with some fine design work on them which was co-ordinated by creative director of Mellerio, a certain Isabelle Mellerio.

There are many interwoven white and yellow ribbons, with 510 diamonds on there so I’m sure you can appreciate that this is reflected in the price tag!

Diamond Encrusted Champagne

There is a single bottle that is encrusted with a diamond, and this is meant to signify the purity of this wonderful Champagne Rare. There are ones with a ruby on and these are meant to denote the bold flavour of the bottles, and the sapphire ones signify the complexity, then the emerald ones try to encapsulate the minerality.


Personalised Champagne Wedding Gift UK Delivered Birthday Anniversay Proposal Graduation Hen Party

Expensive Champagne

Very Expensive Champagne

There have been 1o of these Rare Champagne made and certain ones of these will be made available to US collectors with the price around the £100,000 mark. One of these is also available at Harrods for around the £125,000 mark. While they don’t come cheap you could certainly add the wow factor if you could afford to buy these as some sort of extravagant birthday gift.

Technically speaking this fine Champagne is a non-vintage as this Champagne house did not declare 1997 to be one of their vintage years, but in reality there is only one 1997 juice that is contained within the bottle. Furthermore it was bottled without any dosage, therefore ‘Le Secret’ is the only Champagne Rare that is a non-dosé cuvée.

This fine Champagne has great potential to keep over time, with an earthy aromatic flavour and scents emanating from the bottle.


Those who are unable to source Champagne Rare might well be tempted by another variant entitled ‘Le Secret’ Goldsmith Edition. The Champagne inside is identical, the bottles however are engraved with a plaque instead of the usual label, and pricewise they are much less, and are priced around the £1000.

Personalised Wedding Champagne

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