Top 5 Trending Wines for the Winter Season

If you are not a wine enthusiast, then you must be wondering if winter wines are even a thing. While they may not come with a tag of a ‘winter-wine’, people certainly love to have a glass of some selected ones in the cold weather. That, however, doesn’t mean you cannot drink them during other seasons, it means that it makes more sense drinking them when the atmosphere is cold. These wines come with a distinct taste, different notes, and unique profile. That means once you feel the season shifting to winter, get yourself bottles of winter wines and have an incredible time by the fireplace. The list of top 5 trending wines for winter seasons include:

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Riesling is among the top winter wines that come with amazing flavors and perfect aromas. The wine is famous for its dryness as well as acidity. It is also renowned for pairing well with a versatile assortment of delicacies. It is the type of wine that you are going to have fun enjoying in the comfort of your living room during winter seasons.

Its excellent aromas will leave you gasping for more, and its flavor will make you feel fantastic. The vino has citrus, pear, and peach palettes, with a hint of apple. On the notes, it has excellent peach and pear aromas. You can also feel the intense floral undertones with a bit of honey. That makes it a perfect wine with a rich taste for anyone looking to keep the cold away.

Sauvignon Blanc

Everyone knows Sauvignon Blanc is the best wine on the planet. The vino is regal, which is enough to indicate it has promising qualities. The wine has medium alcohol levels and robust flavors and aroma. If you want to make cold winter nights warm, opt for this wine.

The wine has vanilla, Asian pear, and passion fruit flavors that are associated with winters. The hints of lemongrass, gooseberry, and celery in it bring freshness to your taste buds. The smooth flavor in Sauvignon Blanc is something that people love to enjoy with their stews and roasted meat.

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Sparkling Wine

While we may save sparkling wine or Champagne to open on big occasions; let us not undermine how good they are to drink in winters. A lot of people rather choose a Black Velvet Whiskey for the season, but Champagnes are something that is not to be missed out on.

The light and yet bubbly champagnes make for an amazing experience with a bulky winter-night dinner. What makes champagnes so trendy in winters are the festivals that come along with this season that calls for you to pop a bottle of it. Champagnes with a hint of honey are something that you must certainly give a try as it brings the warmth of the flavor to your taste buds that will make you want more of it.


Forget about the wines you only drink to pass the time and watch the winter melt away. Chardonnay offers a more impressive experience. It is not only elegant but also flavorful with a smooth finish. It is the type of drink that you must have in your home bar if you are looking to make your winter season memorable.

Chardonnay’s flavor profile is fantastic. The wine comes with medium acidity as well as deep fruity flavors. The less ripe chardonnay comes with lemon and green apple flavors. The ripe ones, on the other hand, come with pineapple taste as well as a mango and guava flavor. More importantly, Chardonnay exhibits hints of warm flavors of burnt or caramelized sugar along with vanilla making it perfect for chilly weather.

Burja Zelen

There is no better way to enjoy crisp and fresh wine in the winter other than having a glass of Burja Zelen. The white wine comes with a lime green tint due to the unfiltered grapes. That happens if the grapes remain in the wine for some time. The wine originates from the Vipava Valley in Slovenia. Its amazing flavors are guaranteed to liven up your winters.

On the nose, the wine has floral scents as well as scents of green apple. On the palate, expect flavors of grapefruit, apple, and lemon. You can also feel a tinge of lime, which gives it a slight savory taste. If you want to pair it with food, it will go well with shellfish, making it rank best among the most precious winter wines. All you have to do is enjoy the taste as you shake off the cold nights.

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These wines come with excellent flavor profiles and fantastic aromas designed to keep you warm during the winter season. Some, like Sauvignon Blanc, have exquisite tastes and amazing finishes making them irresistible. So, whenever you are picking Slovenian vinos to enjoy during the winter season, make sure you remember to include some of the wines mentioned above.